How to Strengthen Your Ability to Meet Compliance Obligations.

By Chris Tandridge

Introducing a simple, proven solution to driving compliance

As you are aware, the growing list of requirements surrounding compliance and risk management requires a more successful approach. Regulators are looking to Directors and Senior Executives to drive cultural and operational changes, boost compliance resources, and close proficiency gaps within their organisation.

Policy makers are meeting in Canberra and Sydney in February this year to identify ways to improve compliance through technology, compliance conduct and behaviours.

The ever-growing list of requirements surrounding compliance and risk management requires new approaches to building compliance capabilities across the entire organisation. Our technology, Qstream, is a science-based, data-driven platform that delivers a remarkable solution in its simplicity and effectiveness across every business stream, including compliance and risk.

Qstream is scientifically proven to increase long-term knowledge retention and impact on-the-job performance. It’s a technology that reinforces the skills and knowledge that you require as an aid to achieving compliance. In a far more practical and fit-for-purpose way, it focuses on behaviours and team proficiency, which are the main challenges faced by compliance executives. Qstream is a powerful tool for improvement in compliance practices and is far more cost-effective than traditional approaches.

Validity has a deep understanding of the challenges of business and a 12-year track record of bringing rapid transformation to corporate culture.

Our fully outsourced solution will help you to respond appropriately to an increasingly complex compliance environment.

Find out more on our Compliance page.

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