Improve the proficiency of your sales teams in just minutes a day.

Reinforce the messaging & behaviours that matter with highly personalised, fun learning challenges that are delivered in the flow of work.

Proficiency: the must-have sales metric.

The missing link between sales performance and sales productivity is proficiency – we call these the 3 Ps of sales.

How do you know if your sales reps have the right knowledge and skills to perform at their best and close deals?

Measuring sales proficiency against the skills needed to be a successful sales person not only helps you identify where each rep needs extra support, it streamlines and improves sales coaching effectiveness by arming managers with the intel to focus on who, what and when to coach.

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Drive your business success.

Achieve your business goals by driving sustainable change across the organisation. Reinforce and measure the capabilities and behaviours required to deliver upon your strategic initatives.

Reinforce the programs & activities that help you achieve your business goals

  • Sales coaching
  • Selling skills
  • Onboarding programs
  • Product knowledge
  • Compliance / Governance programs
  • Partner engagement
  • Message alignment
  • and more!

Use predictive metrics to monitor & manage the behaviours that drive success, with insights about:

  • Your team:
    • Proficiency strengths and gaps
    • Profile of a successful rep
  • Your onboarding:
    • Effectiveness of onboarding programs
    • Insights about onboarding groups
  • Your business:
    • Risk in your pipeline or forecast based on team capabilities
    • Forward-looking view of your business

Enable frontline sales managers to provide timely & targeted coaching on behaviours that drive success in the field:

  • Real-time manager dashboards with capability scores and comparisons
  • Targeted coaching actions to re-engage or coach reps
  • Sales fluency heat maps to quickly identify capability gaps that might impact business outcomes
  • Weekly snapshots with summary-level insights

As a supplier to highly competitive sales organisations for over 10 years, we understand your business.

This depth of understanding ensures that our Customer Success Services are delivered based on sound knowledge and application to your business. No need for long and extensive briefing sessions – saving you time and money.

Our global team of seasoned consultants will partner with you every step of the way. From strategic planning, to program management, to the day-to-day administration of your Qstream platform, the Customer Success Team at Validity is ready to help.

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It’s as easy as:



Insights and performance improvement for your new hires, global teams, and managers. (Available in 18 languages!)



Focus on your compliance competencies (regulations, messaging, product knowledge, sales and service skills, internal processes, sales tools) and coaching capabilities.



Ongoing reinforcement, coaching, and insights in just 3 minutes every few days. Typical implementations take 2 to 5 weeks.



Validity Group’s fully outsourced solution, including Qstream’s sales acceleration platform and comprehensive services.

Grow your sales results with Qstream’s MLP solution.

Sales enablement is a strategic and continuous process if it is to continually improve sales performance.

To be effective, programs need to be adaptive and personalised without disrupting selling time.

Support sales reps and managers to improve proficiency that drives performance and meet their number with Qstream’s proven microlearning solution.

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