EPOP™ – your selection & management hero. One assessment, one report, 9 roles.

Leverage the only multi-role assessment for all recruitment & selection needs across your entire organisation. No certification required.

Our out-of-the-box assessment for 9 roles makes your selection process easy & affordable.

In just one assessment, each candidate (either internal or external) can be assessed against 9 roles and compared to millions of data points. And all regionalised to ensure that they are locally relevant.

Together with a range of add-ons such as Honesty, Integrity & Emotional Intelligence, EPOP™ is the most unique and exciting selection assessment available in the world today.

You can now predict the performance potential of your candidates across 9 roles, as well as determine their career and development directions with predictable accuracy. The EPOP™ generates 9 reports that are very easy to read and apply without the need for expensive certifications. EPOP™ is aligned to the pressure of business today and prepares your business for tomorrow.

Some of the most frequently asked questions explained.

EPOP™ is the only assessment that provides a dynamic, multi-role report for the one assessment. The ‘live’ report allows hiring and business managers to interact with the report online before downloading or integrating with your own systems.

Enterprising Potential, Achievement Potential, Independence Potential, Comfort with Conflict, Emotional Quotient, People Orientation, Analytical Orientation, Self-Directed, Listening Style, Lifestyle management.

It sure does!

The report also includes Interview Questions, Coaching Tips, Uncertainty Coefficient (the lie detector), Comparative Talent Analytics Page, Candidate Feedback Report, Emotional Intelligence, Trust.

Not with our simple Traffic Light system you don’t! Just as traffic lights make you safe on the road, so we make it safe in your staff selection protocols. It really is as simple as:

  • Green = Proceed
  • Yellow = Proceed with caution
  • Stop = Proceed with extreme caution

And we are just an email or phone call away to answer any questions.

The science & the reports are the keys to your success.

Integrates with the following HCM systems.

EPOP™ gives you the best of science, simplicity & affordability, all in one assessment.

  • Measures predictability of success
  • Measures fit with organisational culture

  • Ensures that respondents have answered honestly
  • Measures integrity/honesty
  • Removes unconscious bias

  • Legally defensible
  • Measures emotional intelligence
  • Coaching guide included
  • Interview questions included
  • Reports are easy to understand and apply

  • No expensive certification required
  • EEOC compliant