EPOP+™ – your selection & management hero. Unlock insights across 9 roles.

Leverage the only multi-role assessment for all recruitment & selection needs across your entire organisation. No certification required.

Straight out of the box, EPOP+™ makes your selection process easy, accurate & affordable.

EPOP+™ revolutionises the selection process with its straightforward, precise, and cost-effective design. This powerful tool assesses a candidate’s performance potential across 9 distinct roles and provides clear direction for their career development and advancement.

With the ability to generate and switch between 9 comprehensive “live” reports at the click of a button, EPOP+™ delivers crucial insights without the need for costly certifications, making it a pragmatic choice for today’s fast-paced business environment.

Designed for both external and internal candidates, EPOP+™ is versatile enough for a wide range of applications including:

  • Career Planning
  • Organisation Restructurring
  • Succession Planning
  • High Potentials

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • M&A’s
  • New Grad Programs
  • Outplacement

Additionally, EPOP+™ supports multiple languages, making it an ideal solution for diverse industry sectors and global markets.

Some of the most frequently asked questions explained.

EPOP+™ is the only assessment that provides a dynamic, multi-role report in the one assessment.

The “live” report allows hiring and business managers to easily switch between the 9 different roles in the drop-down box. You can download the report and share, or you might even want to integrate with your internal systems.

Each role-specific report provides tailored interview questions that are generated based on how the respondent has answered the questions.

Similarly, the report provides customised coaching suggestions to help with post-selection development.

Everything you could possibly need. In fact, the whole package in just one assessment:

  • Enterprising Potential
  • Achievement Potential
  • Independence Potential
  • Trust Report
  • Integrity Factors
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Comfort with Conflict
  • Listening Style
  • People Orientation
  • Analytical Orientation
  • Self-Directed
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Uncertainty Coefficient (the lie detector)

When an EPOP+™ assessment is completed, you and/or your nominated report recipient(s) receive a link to our assessments platform, where you can easily view and interact with the “live” dynamic reports.

Each individual report has a Contents page – you select or de-select the items you want included. Then you simply select the role from the drop-down list of 9 roles and click the “Create Report” button. You can then repeat the process and select a different role.

It’s that easy!

Taking the assessment:

Each candidate receives a link to the EPOP+™ assessment on our secure platform. They complete their basic details and then respond to the questions. We recommend that they complete the process in one sitting, which takes approximately 45 minutes.

Candidate feedback:

In the email that you receive with the link to the “live” dynamic report, there is an additional link that you can optionally share with the candidate to provide them with some candidate-specific feedback.

Yes, it is. We believe that you should use assessment metrics that are relevant to your region and not a global one. It just makes sense.

To deliver on that, we have used millions of regional data points gathered over decades to establish that reliable, regional base you can rely on.

Yes, it is! Currently available in English and French, with the following languages under development:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

When selecting anyone for any role, assessments should no longer just be considered as a hiring tool for one job. They should have a much broader application.

Here are a few examples of how EPOP+™ helps you beyond the selection process:

  • The assessment should be able to help you and the individual design a career plan and a curriculum pathway to support that career. What other roles could they be suitable for as they develop and grow? If you don’t provide the employee with a career path, you risk losing them and you’ll have to start the hiring process and investment all over again.
  • With a restructure or M&A, do you really know what each person is suited to and capable of, or are you just relying on a managers’ report? Now you can reduce the staff turnover numbers and those costs to your business. Now you will know the who, what and where to invest your training and development budgets.
  • If you need to downsize, you can do so now armed with sound data, and data that can support those people to move on with their careers and lives. And that’s just the beginning of the many ways in which you can apply EPOP+™.

Not at all! Invest in reports that will actually help you, not expensive certifications.  

Our reports are specifically structured and designed for ease of use by all hiring and business managers.

The simple Traffic Light system makes it easy and safe for your staff selection protocols. It really is as simple as:

  • Green = Proceed
  • Yellow = Proceed with caution
  • Red = Proceed with extreme caution

Plus, you can access our Interpretation Guide – and we are just an email away to answer any questions.

The science & the reports are the keys to your success.

Integrates with the following HCM systems.

EPOP+™ gives you the best of science, simplicity & affordability, all in one assessment.

  • Measures predictability of success
  • Measures fit with organisational culture

  • Ensures that respondents have answered honestly
  • Measures integrity/honesty
  • Removes unconscious bias

  • Legally defensible
  • Measures emotional intelligence
  • Coaching guide included
  • Interview questions included
  • Reports are easy to understand and apply

  • No expensive certification required
  • EEOC compliant

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