Microlearning that delivers job-critical content in just minutes a day.

Qstream’s microlearning platform is scientifically proven to improve job proficiency and performance.

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The benefits of Qstream’s microlearning solution.

Developed at Harvard, grounded in science and proven by numerous randomised peer-reviewed clinical trials, Qstream’s mobile microlearning spaced-education methodology:

  • Increases knowledge retention by up to 170%

  • Improves job proficiency by 17% on average

  • Achieves a 93% average engagement rate

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Engage learners.

Qstream consistently achieves an average engagement rate of 93% – and learner engagement is the important first step for any training or development program to succeed.

Reinforce knowledge.

Qstream delivers information in the way the brain works to sustain learning. Learning sticks when we are challenged to remember the training content, when it’s contextual in the workplace, and when it’s repeated over time.

Analyse performance.

Proficiency heatmaps and engagement analytics provide a real-time view of performance readiness so managers can take coaching action when and where they need it most.

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Why clients love the Qstream microlearning experience.


Fits easily into the daily workflow.

Qstream drives long-term behaviour change by engaging employees in a minutes-a-day mobile microlearning experience that improves must-have knowledge and skills.


  • Relevant bite-size Q&A challenges
  • Immediate learner feedback and explanations
  • Gamification with peer leaderboards

Qstream’s scientifically proven learning algorithm delivers microlearning challenges that reinforce job-specific knowledge and skills to make learning stick and change behaviours.


  • Spaced delivery and repetition
  • Knowledge assessment and optional certification

  • Targeted coaching recommendations


Learning reinforcement at scale.


Real-time performance analytics.

By using microlearning reinforcement to help employees build the competencies they need to succeed, companies can better analyse, understand and act to improve performance readiness.


  • Diagnose knowledge and skills gaps
  • Leading microlearning analytics
  • Link proficiency to performance outcomes

Don’t just take it from us – the awards say it all.

A 2021 Lighthouse Research HR Tech Award Winner for Best Analytics, Measurement, and Business Impact.

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A 2021 Training Industry Top Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness Training Company.

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Winner of 2 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards for Its Analytics and Compliance Training Capabilities

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One microlearning solution, multiple business applications.

Increase sales proficiency.

Improve the performance of your reps and frontline managers without disrupting selling time.

Keep pace with the speed of change by continually reinforcing the messaging and behaviours that help your salespeople drive buying decisions.

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Reinforce compliance procedures.

Achieve your compliance goals by driving sustainable change across the organisation.

Reinforce and measure the capabilities and behaviours required to reduce regulatory costs, mitigate operational risks, and build consumer confidence.

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Improve mindshare and help your partners succeed.

Qstream is a cost-effective and scaleable solution for developing your partners. We help you build a microlearning program so you can provide targeted support in areas such as:

  • Sales proficiency
  • Product knowledge
  • Message alignment
Develop your Channel Partners
Our Customer Success team is here to ensure your success.

From strategic planning and program management to day-to-day administration of your Qstream platform, our team helps you maximise the success of each and every Qstream.

Need content? Get up and running quickly with our out-of-the-box, customisable content for new to sales, experienced reps and sales managers.

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Qstream’s microlearning solution combats the forgetting curve.

Knowledge quickly erodes without continuously reinforcing job-critical knowledge and skills, and so does the impact and ROI of your training programs.

Qstream’s mobile microlearning combats the forgetting curve to improve long-term knowledge retention and change behaviours, so you can be sure your organisation is performance ready.

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