Microlearning that delivers job-critical content in just minutes a day.

Qstream’s cutting-edge microlearning solution is designed to significantly enhance learning outcomes. Developed at Harvard & rooted in solid scientific principles, the platform is validated by multiple randomised, peer-reviewed published clinical trials. 

The benefits of Qstream’s microlearning platform (MLP).

Qstream revolutionises how businesses empower their employees through it’s unique Q&A and spaced repetition methodology, offering remarkable benefits:

  • Improved Results: Driving sales results, competency metrics, and compliance requirements across all industry sectors and geographies.
  • Enhanced Retention: Increases knowledge retention by up to 170%, ensuring that learners not only acquire but retain essential information over longer periods.

  • Improved Proficiency: On average, users experience a 17% improvement in job proficiency, translating into more effective and competent performance in their roles.

  • High Engagement: With an average engagement rate of 93%, Qstream ensures that learners are consistently interactive, motivated, and responsive to the learning process.

These advantages make Qstream’s MLP an invaluable resource for every organisation looking to foster a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Embedded in QSTREAM MLP

Game-changing AI content generator.

Qstream’s AI Microlearning Content Generator enhances the creation of effective microlearning experiences. Adhering to stringent standards, this AI tool allows users to instantly generate and customise microlearning questions from your own provided materials. It supports various question styles and efficiently repurposes existing training content into focused microlearning.

This innovation streamlines the delivery of crucial training content, reinforcing Qstream’s position as the comprehensive microlearning platform of choice.

Deliver critical updates in the flow of work

Integrate important announcements with Qstream Comms.

Qstream Comms addresses a critical need in organisational communication, leveraging Qstream’s high engagement platform to ensure timely updates are delivered efficiently.

Traditional communication methods often interrupt productivity, but with Qstream’s impressive 93% engagement rate, important announcements are seamlessly integrated into any workday. This ensures that when a Qstream alert is issued, employees understand its importance and are more likely to engage with the content.


Collect employee feedback with Qstream Learner Surveys.

Curious as to what learners thought about a recent training event? Or even where they’d like to receive additional training? This style is great for social learning. It can help you better understand the impact of your programs and give employees a stake in the learning process.

Qstream Learner Surveys collect employee feedback so you can understand the scope and impact of your training programs. Surveys can also help you boost learner engagement with greater microlearning question variety.

Qstream Learner Surveys can be used in a number of ways and we encourage you to get creative with your approach.

Engage Learners.

Qstream consistently achieves an average engagement rate of 93% – and learner engagement is the important first step for any training or development program to succeed.

For better insights

Reinforce Knowledge.

Qstream delivers information in the way the brain works to sustain learning. Learning sticks when we are challenged to remember the training content, when it’s contextual in the workplace, and when it’s repeated over time.

Increase proficiency

Analyse Performance.

Proficiency heatmaps and engagement analytics provide a real-time view of performance readiness so managers can take coaching action when and where they need it most.

Performance dashboards

Market leaders
rely on Qstream.

Customer success stories.


One platform, multiple business applications.

Increase Sales Proficiency

Boost sales proficiency and elevate the performance of your sales reps and frontline managers without compromising valuable selling time.

By consistently reinforcing key messages and effective behaviours, you can ensure your sales team keeps pace with rapid market changes and enhances their ability to influence buying decisions.

This strategic focus not only sharpens their skills but also aligns their efforts with the core objectives that drive business growth.

Empowering Healthcare Teams

Microlearning is the only technology scientifically proven to alter the behaviours of healthcare workers effectively. These professionals must assimilate a mix of training information, continuously evolving clinical knowledge, and skills, while also retaining lessons from the preclinical years of their medical education.

They are then expected to recall and apply this knowledge intuitively in critical patient care situations. Without such capabilities, achieving optimal patient outcomes can be challenging for healthcare organisations.

Discover how Qstream’s microlearning can address your specific challenges. Discuss your situation and requirements with us to see how we can help.

Reinforce Compliance Procedures

Strengthen compliance procedures to meet your organisational goals and drive sustainable change. By reinforcing and regularly assessing the essential capabilities and behaviours, you can effectively reduce regulatory costs, mitigate operational risks, and enhance consumer confidence.

This proactive approach not only ensures adherence to compliance standards but also fosters a culture of responsibility and integrity across your organisation.

Improve Mindshare Across Your Network

Qstream is a cost-effective and scalable solution for developing your partners, resellers, and retailers. You can now build effective microlearning programs that provide targeted support in every area including, but not limited to:

  • Sales proficiency
  • Product knowledge
  • New releases
  • Message alignment
  • Promotional calendars

Qstream’s microlearning solution combats the forgetting curve.

Knowledge quickly erodes without continuously reinforcing job-critical knowledge and skills, and so does the impact and ROI of your training programs.

Qstream’s mobile microlearning combats the forgetting curve to improve long-term knowledge retention and change behaviours, so you can be sure your organisation is performance ready.

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