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Experience the unparalleled fusion of enterprise services & the freedom of open-source solutions to revolutionise your project & work management.

  • Geolocated cloud / Private cloud / On-premises
  • Redmine & Jira data migration
  • Customer Success team

Deployment options to suit any need.

Server Solution.

The most popular choice within the Redmine community. We strive to deliver the best server deployments at all times. Get Easy Redmine on Docker, VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V or custom installation package.

Global Cloud.

For clients who want security, speed, & availability while saving their internal IT resources. Deployed in the closest geolocation for maximum connectivity & performance in 20+ datacentres across the globe.

Private Cloud.

Perfect for clients who need their own dedicated server for top performance and customisation. It provides high-level security, speed, & availability of Easy Redmine while saving internal IT resources.

Reduces your TCO.

Experience amazing savings with our low Total Cost of Ownership.

Easy to set up.

Redmine setup is easy thanks to predefined roles & dashboards.

Agile & Waterfall.

All the capabilities you’d expect of the best project management software.

Complete integrations.

Enhanced API, XML & XLSx imports & Zapier make integration easy.

Trusted by top companies worldwide.

One platform with endless possibilities.

Customise with Easy Redmine Extensions

Enhance your Easy Redmine with specialised extensions designed to fit your business requirements:

  • Resource Management: Optimise and track your project resources efficiently.
  • Agile: Implement agile methodologies with tools designed for flexibility.
  • Finances: Manage your project budgets and financial forecasts.
  • CRM: Maintain detailed customer relations and interactions.
  • HelpDesk: Streamline support and improve customer service.
  • DevOps: Integrate development and operations for faster outcomes.

Upgrade to Efficiency with Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine revolutionises project management by offering a comprehensive and extensible upgrade to the classic Redmine platform. It’s equipped with a suite of top-tier plugins and features, all designed to enhance your project management experience. With a new mobile-friendly design, Easy Redmine ensures you can manage projects effectively from anywhere, at any time.

This platform not only streamlines project workflows but also improves communication and user engagement through its intuitive interface. It’s built to save you valuable time and enhance productivity. Extend its capabilities further with specialised plugins for – Resources, Agile, Finances, CRM, HelpDesk, and DevOps.

Step up your project management game with Easy Redmine, where functionality meets flexibility. Ready. Steady. Upgrade!

Your Customer Success Team

Leverage the expertise of the Easy Redmine team for your implementation, support, data import, and custom design needs. By partnering with us, you save time, effort, and resources while ensuring your projects are optimally set up for success right from the start.

Our dedicated professionals are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration tailored to your business requirements.
Let us help you maximise your project outcomes with Easy Redmine.

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