Selection assessments that help you recruit, develop & retain top performers.

Make your selection & recruitment decisions easily & affordably. Our proven tools help you hire & develop candidates with high potential to be top performers. No hidden extras. No expensive certifications.

Take your selection & management processes to the next level.

Join the world’s most competitive and successful organisations by using our predictive selection and management assessments that also support your managers to maximise the performance of their teams.

Now your hiring managers have a selection platform that removes the guess work and puts in the science. Easy to use and apply, our role-specific assessments predict success – and no need for expensive certifications.

Our assessment reports give you specific interview questions, plus a recommended development and coaching plan for managers to action. They are also legally defensible, which is vital in an increasingly litigious world.

Drive your business forward and save money and time with our science-based assessments.

EPOP+™ – your selection & management hero. One assessment, one report, multiple roles.

Leverage the only multi-role assessment for all recruitment & selection needs across your entire organisation.

It doesn’t end there.

Our range of selection & management assessments also includes the popular Predictor of Potential (POP™) & Screen™ assessments.


Single-role assessment with predictive capability.


The low-budget option for screening applicants.

As used by many successful organisations of all sizes.

Proven strategy for recruitment & growth

Here are just some examples of how our Sales POP7.0™ assessment has helped organisations improve their bottom line with our recruiting & management roadmap.

Investment Advisors in a major bank who rate high on the POP7.0™ (Sales) report achieved outcomes that were 87% higher than their lower ranked colleagues.

Sales Reps who were selected as high potential with POP7.0™ (Sales) delivered double the numbers of their lower ranked counterparts.

Top rated Insurance Advisors in Europe delivered an average of 3x the results when compared with their lower ranked counterparts.

Insurance Advisors in Asia delivered results over 50% higher than their colleagues.

Private Wealth Managers averaged 45% higher results when compared to advisors rated as “low potential” across Asia Pacific & China.

Retention rates of high performers is important as staff turnover has many impacts and costs. POP7.0™ (Sales) delivered a positive retention result of around 280%.

As a result of a call centre benchmark assessment, the client increased revenue per call by 74%.

Customer Service Centre attrition rates reduced by 34% over 90 days, yielding annualised savings of over USD $200,000.

Avoid selection mistakes.

Our assessments comprise a simple and highly effective traffic light system that’s easy to understand and use.

Validated by science.

Backed by rigorous scientific study, with documented results from extensive reliability and validity evaluations.

Easy & affordable.

Designed for use by all hiring and selection managers, at all levels, with no expensive certification required.

Target role suitability.

Proven tools to help hire and develop candidates and executives with high potential to be top performers.


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Some of the science behind our assessments.

The benefits of Normative over Ipsative.

Our assessments are Normative. This allow us to measure items on a continuum and can therefore assess the degree of the person in relation to the statements. Our Likert Scale provides a measurement scale from 1-5, from Totally Agree to Totally Disagree. This gives you the shading and accuracy that you need as the basis for an informed decision.


  • Refers to items that are forced-choice
  • Are you either “this OR that?”


Candidates are forced to choose between different options such as a yes/no or true/false response. An Ipsative score does not allow for norms to be created to compare across candidates.


  • Refers to items that are on a continuum
  • To what degree would you agree with this statement?


Normative assessments are far better at predicting performance and can be used to benchmark the ideal candidate against your organisation’s specific performance data.

options & benefits.


Predictor of Potential (POP™).

Recruit, develop & retain the best candidates & predict their potential for success.


Sales POP7.0™

POP7.0™ is the selection platform used by the world’s most competitive sales organisations to hire the best salespeople.


Call Centres.

Reduce staff turnover rates & improve your call centre performance as well as your bottom line.