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We engaged the Validity Group to have the Sales & Leadership team go through the POP7.0™ (Sales), Leader POP™, and Management POP™ selection assessments. The assessments were intuitive and captured the nuance that most assessments miss – these include passion, character, aptitude, reliability etc.

The assessment reports were easy to understand and provided great coaching tips for the Sales Leaders to work with each individual in their team on the right development, focus & attention areas.

I would highly recommend this tool to any organisation trying to get to the detail beneath the surface & understand their team’s true capabilities.

Danny Mesrop

Vice President of Sales, APJ

Datto, Inc.

The R & K Sales customized POP 7.0 report has been so effective! Our hiring and early retention has improved drastically. I really think you found the perfect formula for our environment. Thank you very much again for taking the time to do this for us. I look forward to relying on POP 7.0 as a part of all future hiring decisions. 

Sandy Owings

Sales Manager

I personally have worked with the POP/Management Pro tools since the early 1990’s. I have had strong experience in the recruiting/selection/interview processes in my forty three plus years of experience in the insurance industry. The continuation of the use of these tools for my current company American National indicates our continued confidence in the process and information provided. Our confidence in the quality individuals, the ability to coach the selected agents and the ongoing development for the management team here at American National will continue. Our results during my twelve years with American National is documented proof of our endorsement. My personal review of the tools and the ability to target the skills, abilities, and “will or won’t do” in each candidate extends not only to the company’s candidates but also to my own son’s completion of the questionnaire. The documentation and data are absolutely noteworthy.

Jim Collura

V.P. Chief Life Marketing and Operations Officer

We have 103 stores that focus on retailing “the hottest trends in retail” across the country. Our challenge is finding people to work in our stores, who possess the right mix of salesmanship and service orientation. Through TalentNest™ we have seen a significant increase in the number of those types of candidates at each store. We are hiring a much higher quality individual as a result. TalentNest™ is easy to use and allows store managers to manage their own hiring, while ensuring a consistent and valid recruitment and hiring process is followed. Because we have developed a “bullpen” of good candidates, our time to hire is greatly reduced. Our retention is also up 30% as a result of improving our ability to attract and hire the right fit for our stores. Sales results have also jumped thanks to more stability in our workforce. I highly recommend you look into TalentNest™ .

Greg Synowicki

Director of Stores, ShowcaseStores

I have been using TalentNest for almost a year now and it has worked as promised. I consider the posting of jobs a bonus for what the program does and we do get a lot of applications. The real power is in the tracking of your applications throughout the entire hiring process. I always know where they are at in our process. Then you throw in the fact that I can then track the new hires in the on-boarding process makes it even better. No more paper files to try and find and track it is all right inside this program. Everything is in there from the notes on interviews, to the testing and how the on-boarding is proceeding. The team has been great to work with as well.

Todd Scott


Validity’s Qstream solution is having a direct impact on our compliance culture. Qstream enables us to reinforce regulatory and key skill requirements in a refreshingly engaging manner. It also provides data insights into gaps and risks, which we can remediate. The Validity team has been marvelously supportive in helping us get Qstream off the ground.

Milo Parkin

Managing Director, Domestic & General

Qstream’s just-in-time mini-challenges provide a fun format that ensures adoption and helps accelerate learning for our sales teams. The largest benefit are the real-time analytics and dashboards, this helps us find the gold nuggets, to quickly act upon. The difference is not just seeing where our sales teams are doing well, but also the blind spots, that when addressed, will help them close more deals.

Global Hi-Tech Company

SVP General Business (SME) & Channels, APJ

Qstream is a great way of learning! Through gamification of knowledge, our sales reps have improved their proficiency by 35% overall. Making mistakes and learning from it is the best way to test your skills in real situation scenarios. It creates more excitement amongst the participant thanks to the competitive nature of the game, and provide better analytics to the managers for improved coaching.

Global Hi-Tech Company

Head of Digital Selling Motion APJ

Qstream is exceptional as it works on any mobile device, anywhere, any time. The real-time reports provide us with insights that were previously unavailable, and are extremely useful in developing our business. Having our own SAP Qstream content allows us to develop our sales teams with the key messaging that helps on-the-job performance. Validity’s Services team has been extremely supportive, and have been instrumental in the success.

Global Hi-Tech Company

APJ Digital Transformation Lead

We engaged Validity Coaching for an extended 4 month National Project aimed to provide sales coaching and assistance to our organization through in-field engagement with the objective of maximizing the revenue that could be earned at each of our state’s Yellow Pages publishing deadlines.  Validity have successfully engaged our team at all levels from telemarketing, account executive level through to senior management.  Not only have they been engaged in-field and with our clients, they have also provided extensive 1:1 coaching and delivered a number of custom-designed workshops in each region – from time management, new business lead generation, business acumen; through to leadership and managing for performance. Their efforts has resulted in increased activities, commitment and motivation of our team and the feedback to continue their engagement and connect the benefits of coaching to results has been extremely strong.  At all times the Validity team have been highly professional, passionate, flexible and easy to deal with. We welcome the continued engagement of Validity within our organization and would encourage other organizations with field sales teams to engage Validity and see how they can maximize the effectiveness of their sales organization.

National Coaching & Leadership Development Manager


Validity Group provided coaching to my senior staff. Having been in the same industry the coach was able to bring a business understanding to his coaching that provided him with credibility with my managers. The Validity coach was also always happy to go beyond the brief if he felt there was a specific area where he could assist. I very much enjoyed the dialogue that I was able to have with Validity in relation to making sure that I had the appropriate practices in place.

Rachael Fitzpatrick

Director HR Asia Pacific, Akamai

The Validity coaches have provided executive coaching services for AECOM. They have been extremely professional and operate with high integrity. Their style is personable and flexible and they have brought external expertise into the organisation. We will continue to use Validity to increase the leadership capability of the organisation.

Helen Fraser

People & Performance VIC/SA, AECOM

We chose Chris Tandridge and his company, Validity, to create and deliver improvements in our sales processes and outcomes. He has worked diligently with our Melbourne and Auckland teams designing & delivering high quality tools, processes and ideas for our sales teams. Chris has an excellent approach, he is a great listener, he has an adaptable style and he goes about delivering the desired results with appropriate humour and an excellent rapport with sales people of all ages and styles. His work is competitive, of a high quality and aligns tightly to our requirements. I will not hesitate to use him or his team again should the need arise again in the future. I would recommend him to other clients who are looking for sales excellence and outstanding results.

Chris Pattas

Group General Manager, Sales & Marketing| Club Tourism

This is a great program. The courses have good content, lots of activities, quizzes and a good assessment to make me learn.


Digital Learning Program

Awesome program and obtaining an international certification in customer service is a huge benefit to me.


Digital Learning Program

These courses have helped me do my job better.


Digital Learning Program

The courses are challenging, informative and made me re-think what digital learning is all about.


Digital Learning Program