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Use POP™ to accurately predict employee potential.

Recruit, develop & retain your best people with our predictive assessments.

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Speed up time to hire and save costs with Predictor of Potential (POP™).

Just as traffic lights make you safe on the road, so we make it safe in your staff selection protocols. It really is as simple as:

  • Green = Proceed
  • Yellow = Proceed with caution
  • Stop = Proceed with extreme caution

Avoid the hiring and promotion accidents simply, easily and affordably.

POP™ is the platform of choice for many of the world’s most competitive organisations. It has proven to be highly effective in predicting both performance and retention.

Easy to use – with no certification required – allows every manager at every level to interpret and apply the reports. By removing bottlenecks, delays and unnecessary costs, your business can now move at the speed it needs to succeed.

Integrates with the following HCM systems.

The science & the reports are the keys to your success.

The benefits of Normative over Ipsative.

Our assessments are Normative. This allow us to measure items on a continuum and can therefore assess the degree of the person in relation to the statements. Our Likert Scale provides a measurement scale from 1-5, from Totally Agree to Totally Disagree. This gives you the shading and accuracy that you need as the basis for an informed decision.


  • Refers to items that are forced-choice
  • Are you either “this OR that?”


Candidates are forced to choose between different options such as a yes/no or true/false response. An Ipsative score does not allow for norms to be created to compare across candidates.


  • Refers to items that are on a continuum
  • To what degree would you agree with this statement?


Normative assessments are far better at predicting performance and can be used to benchmark the ideal candidate against your organisation’s specific performance data.

What does a typical POP™ report look like?

You get everything you need to support your selection decision.

Here we take a look at the highlights that are the GO TO area in a first pass consideration of each candidate.

You can also dive into all sorts of other areas as you may wish.

Traffic lights.

The traffic lights make it easy to make your selection decision at a first pass. Green = safe to proceed; Yellow = proceed with caution; Red  = proceed with extreme caution.

Scientific score.

The scientific score shows you the detailed scoring, PLUS the % score of success. Anything above a 65% is certainly worth consideration.

Uncertainty Coefficient (UC) scale.

The POP™ has an 8-item Uncertainty Coefficient scale built into the questionnaire. These items act as a “lie detector”, allowing for an overall assessment pertaining to the reliability of the results.

Tailored interview questions.

Specific to each candidate, interview questions are generated as a result of the answers they have provided. This lets you take a deeper dive into the areas that need closer scrutiny.

Customised development plan.

Based upon the candidate’s responses, you now have an accurate starting place to build their tailored development plan.

Live report rendering allows you to tailor the report view to suit your requirements.

Our multi-page reports include interview questions specific to each candidate, plus development and coaching suggestions to use as part of their professional development plans.

Our Sales and Call Centre POP™ assessments gives you the ability to evaluate each candidate for more than one role – all in the same report and at the one price.

Interpretation guides are available free of charge to assessment purchasers.

EPOP™ – your selection hero. One assessment, one report, multiple roles.

Leverage the only multi-role assessment for all recruitment & selection needs across your entire organisation.

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