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Just as traffic lights make you safe on the road, so we make it safe in your staff selection protocols. It really is as simple as:

  • Green = Proceed
  • Yellow = Proceed with caution
  • Stop = Proceed with extreme caution

Avoid the hiring and promotion accidents simply, easily and affordably.

POP™ is the platform of choice for many of the world’s most competitive organisations. It has proven to be highly effective in predicting both performance and retention.

Easy to use – with no certification required – allows every manager at every level to interpret and apply the reports. By removing bottlenecks, delays and unnecessary costs, your business can now move at the speed it needs to succeed.

Integrates with the following HCM systems.

The science & the reports are the keys to your success.

EPOP™ – your selection hero. One assessment, one report, multiple roles.

Leverage the only multi-role assessment for all recruitment & selection needs across your entire organisation.