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Developing your channel partners has never been easier with our science-backed, tried and tested solutions.

Take your channel partner results to the next level.

It really is all about the numbers. We get that, and that’s why our solutions have been so successful. All of our solutions have sound track records of success across industry sectors and geographies.

The market today demands that organisations do something new and exciting. Many of our clients have already experienced the benefits of allocating some of their partner funding to our programs. You need solutions that are ideal for today’s business environment.

Grounded in science, research and experience, our solutions are easy to use, highly engaging, and can be quickly and affordably scaled to a broad distribution of partners.


For selection, management & career development. No certification required.


Developed at Harvard, microlearning that is scientifically proven.

Easy Redmine.

The best project management tools integrated into one platform.


High-impact programs for individuals at all levels in your organisation.


Predicting the performance of your partners is key.

Predicting your channel results starts with selecting the right partners, and in turn, helping your partners select the right staff.

Take the guesswork out and put the science in. Here are just some of the results already achieved by clients who have used our assessments:

  • Selecting the right sales reps increased results by as much as 297%
  • Performed at 16% above the company average
  • Additional $910,000 in sales revenue in the first year
  • $15 million lift for a company of 100 sales reps
  • Retained 80% of successful sales personnel

Getting this first part of the equation right is of paramount importance to your long-term success.

Microlearning to deliver the results that matter.

Tracking positive improvements in overall results can be as simple as reallocating some of your current spend into microlearning with Qstream.

Accelerate proficiency and time to performance and join other organisations who have achieved impressive results by using Qstream:

  • 3% gross profit improvement
  • 20% increase in quota attainment
  • 12% market share growth
  • 23% increase in product message proficiency
  • Increase proficiency score on security topics from 76% to 90% within weeks

Supercharge your partners’ project management flow with Easy Redmine PM software.

Available in the cloud or on-premise, Easy Redmine provides the best project management tools integrated into one software platform.

The demand for open-source project planning alternatives can now be satisfied with a platform that is amazingly user friendly, requires no heavy-duty training as it is highly intuitive for all users, and suits the needs and demands of all sized organisations in all industry and government sectors.

Coaching programs for targeted business & individual performance.

We have an established track record of working with channel partners for a broad variety of businesses. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each client company and individual.

As an external independent coaching company with the right expertise and experience, we have been able to support the successful growth of a broad number of businesses.

Our most popular programs for channel partners include:

  • Sales Skills & Capabilities
  • Business Acumen & Leadership
  • Build a Successful Strategy

Gain your competitive advantage.

A successful channel enablement program requires a broad range of services and expertise delivered to your channel partners, no matter where they are located.

We help you deliver on your objectives by providing you with easy access to the tools, platforms and resources you need.

We’ve carefully selected and curated a few key solutions that we believe provide the greatest value and impact for any business.

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