Experience the power of microlearning in Healthcare.

Now is the time for Healthcare professionals, from caregivers to Pharma & MedTech reps, to adopt Qstream’s learning technology. Its efficient microlearning solution keeps pace with the industry’s rapid changes, ensuring top-notch patient care & effective medical practice.

Revolutionising Healthcare training & knowledge reinforcement for enhanced patient safety.

The unique demands of the Healthcare sector—requiring both speed and accuracy—are effectively met by Qstream’s microlearning solution. This technology facilitates rapid knowledge acquisition and enduring retention, ensuring that Healthcare professionals and representatives are always informed and compliant with the latest practices and regulations, ultimately enhancing patient care and safety across the board.

See how Providence increased learner engagement and satisfaction, confirmed proficiency increases through real-time analytics, and slashed implementation costs by over $6 million dollars with Qstream’s microlearning solution.

Empowering healthcare excellence

Ensuring every staff member is well-trained & up-to-date.

In the fast-paced environment of Healthcare, it’s crucial that every staff member—from clinicians to administrative personnel—is well-trained and up-to-date with the latest procedures and policies.

However, balancing intensive training requirements with the demands of patient care presents a significant challenge.

Qstream’s innovative microlearning platform is the solution, designed to seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of Healthcare workers without disrupting their primary responsibilities.

Proficiency based learning

Revolutionising learning & development in Pharma & MedTech.

Qstream equips Pharma and MedTech L&D teams to effectively train remote workforces, ensuring that essential knowledge is retained and correctly applied. This trusted microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution is utilised by 18 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and half of the top medical device companies. Its capabilities are specifically designed to navigate the complex regulatory landscapes of these industries.

Qstream offers agile learning to swiftly adapt training to updated Standard Operating Procedures, and scenario-based learning that engages with real-life Healthcare situations for better relevancy and retention. Additionally, bite-size content facilitates easy assimilation of complex product and process information, making learning accessible even on the go.

Used by highly regulated businesses around the world.

Embedded in QSTREAM MLP

Game-changing AI content generator.

Qstream’s AI Microlearning Content Generator enhances the creation of effective microlearning experiences. Adhering to stringent standards, this AI tool allows users to instantly generate and customise microlearning questions from your own provided materials. It supports various question styles and efficiently repurposes existing training content into focused microlearning.

This innovation streamlines the delivery of crucial training content, reinforcing Qstream’s position as the comprehensive microlearning platform of choice.

Deliver critical updates in the flow of work

Integrate important announcements with Qstream Comms.

Qstream Comms addresses a critical need in organisational communication, leveraging Qstream’s high engagement platform to ensure timely updates are delivered efficiently.

Traditional communication methods often interrupt productivity, but with Qstream’s impressive 93% engagement rate, important announcements are seamlessly integrated into any workday. This ensures that when a Qstream alert is issued, employees understand its importance and are more likely to engage with the content.

Engage Learners.

Qstream consistently achieves an average engagement rate of 93% – and learner engagement is the important first step for any training or development program to succeed.

For better insights

Reinforce Knowledge.

Qstream delivers information in the way the brain works to sustain learning. Learning sticks when we are challenged to remember the training content, when it’s contextual in the workplace, and when it’s repeated over time.

Increase proficiency

Analyse Performance.

Proficiency heatmaps and engagement analytics provide a real-time view of performance readiness so managers can take coaching action when and where they need it most.

Performance dashboards

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