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High impact coaching & mentoring programs.

Systems, process & people to ensure positive coaching outcomes.

From senior leaders to individual contributors, we align the right coach to your nominated individual(s). Our experienced coaches have a wealth of business experience and will provide an element of mentoring when required.

We offer a broad range of programs that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual and organisational outcomes.

The duration of each program is dictated by the number of primary goals, and can range from 3 months to 12 months.

Our most popular coaching programs.

Talk to us about your specific circumstances and requirements.

Senior Leaders2021-01-15T19:24:42+11:00

Get the right senior executive support from an objective trusted advisor.

As the former Chairman & CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said “the best advice I ever got” was to have a coach.  “A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words, and discusses how to approach the problem.”  Our senior leader coaches provide this valuable external support to help you achieve your personal and organisational goals.

Who is your sounding board for those decisions that may well ripple across your business and your market? Seeking professional coaching and mentoring from Validity has delivered powerful, measurable results and outcomes for all our clients – clients who have faced similar challenges to you.

Sales Leaders2021-01-15T19:24:36+11:00

Sales leaders don’t just happen, they are developed, nurtured and supported.

Sales leaders require skills and abilities across a diverse range of subjects that include leadership, collaboration, reporting, negotiation and communication.

Whether new to the role or experienced, there are times when the support of an external resource not only helps, but more importantly, delivers you success.  A sales leader’s role is a tough assignment, which can be made easier with our expertise.

New Leaders2021-01-15T19:24:30+11:00

Whether an internal promotion or an external hire, adapting can be a challenge.

The transition from tactician to strategist is a transition best not made alone. Similarly, being the new leader from outside is a challenge that should be supported.

A promotion brings many diverse challenges. Each individual situation comprises the development of new skill sets, new communication styles and moving from the tactical to the strategic mindset; the transition of moving from a position and skill set in which one had constantly and traditionally been able to demonstrate tremendous value, to a new area of responsibility.

Change Management2021-01-15T19:24:17+11:00

We help you and your organisations manage significant change.

Change is constant and every leader, manager and executive needs to be able to provide great leadership to their organisation and their teams to manage and embrace change.

How well you and your teams handle the stress of change will have a direct bearing on both the success of the organisation and potentially your own career.

Investing in the capacity for change at a time when both internal and external tensions are at an all time high remains a high priority for many organisations and executives. To ensure that the language and behaviour of change is not construed as manipulative or disrespectful, Validity provides the support that delivers you your desired outcomes.

Flight Risk2021-01-15T19:24:11+11:00

Valuable members of the team are the hardest to replace; they are also the ones at greatest risk of leaving.  Investing in their personal development with coaching is not just an investment in them, it’s an investment in their future and your company’s.

The issue of flight risk, or loss of key members of any company, is a constant concern.  In a number of organisations this issue continues to escalate and forms the basis of an increasing number of discussions in the board room.

Validity works with clients who have reported a dramatic increase in flight risk, with some having reported percentages tripling in a two-year period. The costs to any business of these sorts of numbers are significant; the use of “cash” as an incentive to stay is expensive, short term, has not always demonstrated the results that were hoped for and is often not even a viable option.

Mastering Your Career2021-01-15T19:24:04+11:00

A career must be planned.  Many people put a lot of effort into planning a holiday and yet put none into planning their career.  This is a non negotiable for everyone in todays environment.  If you don’t plan it, it won’t happen.  Just don’t do it alone.

In managing their careers and the challenges of ever changing markets, individual contributors across organisations can potentially face challenges and doubts that will – and do – impact upon the company, its people and clients.  Assisting individuals in gaining clarity of personal career goals, as well as handling the pressures of the modern day career, forms an integral part of the solutions offered by Validity.

Any negative impact upon the ability of an individual contributor can ripple across any organisation and can result in numerous and unintended consequences.  The appointment of one of our coaches signifies very clearly the importance in which the individual is held, provides the level of support and development required, and is undoubtedly seen as a solid investment in the internal talent progression of any company.

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