Coaching & mentoring programs to meet individual & business needs.

Empowering individuals to reach their full potential not only fosters personal growth, but also drives significant business results. By investing in personal development, you’re not just enhancing individual careers; you’re boosting overall business performance & success.

Our systems, processes & people ensure positive coaching outcomes.

We understand that the key to every successful coaching engagement lies in a personalised approach. This understanding drives us to ensure that every program, every system, and every process we deploy aims to deliver positive outcomes. Our high-impact coaching & mentoring programs are tailored to meet both individual & organisational needs.

Our coaching teams are not just experienced; they bring decades of business acumen to their roles, enriching their coaching delivery with deep insights and proven strategies tailored to each individual’s unique situation and the broader goals of their organisation.

We design each coaching program to specifically meet the needs and ambitions of the participant, aligning with the strategic objectives they aim to achieve. The flexibility of our program durations allows us to adapt to the specific outcomes desired, whether for short-term achievements or long-term career goals.

This bespoke approach ensures that our coaching is not only effective but also integral in facilitating significant professional growth and success.

The benefits of coaching & mentoring.

What motivates employers to commission coaching & mentoring?

What is it they hope to gain?

Our research found a number of main motives for organisations to introduce executive coaching and mentoring.

The benefits were categorised as follows:

  • Help individuals improve their personal effectiveness when leading and managing teams.

  • Support their coping mechanisms as they deal with the rigour and constancy of change.
  • Support succession planning, the induction or appointment of any individual into a more senior, or different role.
  • Accelerate the personal development of individuals defined as “high potential”, or individuals from a minority group identified for affirmative action.

  • Underpin and support the effective implementation of organisational change, through supporting teams and individuals.

Our most popular coaching programs.

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Career management coaching.

Making pivotal life decisions, like choosing a career path or educational direction, can be overwhelming. That’s where the seasoned expertise of Validity Group comes into play. With over 15 years of proven success, our track record is not just about client satisfaction—it’s about transformative results.

Whether you’re a student, a parent, or someone considering a career change, our team provides the external support crucial for navigating these life-altering choices.

Support for Students & Parents: Our specialists tailor their guidance to ensure your educational and career decisions align seamlessly with your aspirations. We help crystallise your vision, making each educational choice a strategic step towards your future success.

Support for Career Changers: Changing careers is a major life event that affects not just you, but potentially your entire family.

Our team offers independent, unbiased support, helping you to develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses your professional objectives while facilitating clear communication with potential employers and your family.

This thoughtful and strategic support eases the transition and enhances the outcomes of your career shift.

Change is an inevitable and frequent aspect of organisational life. Adapting to constant shifts can be overwhelming for individuals, teams, and entire organisations. Our coaching programs are meticulously designed to help manage the stress and uncertainty that come with these changes.

At Validity Group, we provide the support of experienced and unbiased external coaches who specialise in guiding clients through periods of significant flux. Our coaches offer the expertise and perspective needed to navigate these changes effectively, empowering individuals and teams to thrive amidst transformation.

This strategic support ensures that your organisation not only copes with change but also harnesses it as an opportunity for growth and innovation. That’s the value our team brings to each engagement.

A major challenge facing organisations today is the flight risk associated with high-performing employees seeking new opportunities. A proven strategy to retain these valuable team members is through personalised coaching programs that focus on their individual development.

At Validity Group, we understand that personalised attention is often perceived by employees as a significant investment in their future, not just another generic training session. Our coaching programs are specifically designed to nurture the growth of each individual, aligning their personal ambitions with the goals of the organisation.

We have successfully implemented these programs over many years, fostering both personal and professional growth, which in turn encourages employees to continue their journey with their current organisation.

This approach not only enhances employee satisfaction, but also delivers a high return on investment, making it a powerful strategy for any organisation looking to retain top talent.

In today’s dynamic job market, merely drifting along in your career without clear objectives is no longer viable. To truly succeed, it’s crucial to establish specific goals and a strategic plan to achieve them.

Working with a Validity coach provides the clarity and support needed to not only define your career plans, but also to execute them successfully. Our external, unbiased guidance is an invaluable asset on your career journey. Remember, time is of the essence as you navigate an increasingly competitive market with fewer opportunities. Make every step count with expert coaching that positions you for success.

At Validity Group, we empower individuals to take charge of their careers by providing tailored coaching and mentoring. Our approach helps you align your career goals with your personal values and skills, ensuring that you not only succeed but also find fulfilment and satisfaction in what you do.

Accelerating your career isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder; it’s about creating a path that resonates with who you are and where you want to go. Let us help you navigate this journey with confidence and clarity.

During organisational downsizing, it’s essential to manage departures with care and respect, not only for those leaving, but also to maintain a positive image and morale within the company.

At Validity Group, we specialise in providing comprehensive exit strategies that honour the contributions of departing employees while safeguarding your organisation’s reputation.

Optimised Support for Transitioning Employees:

Offering personalised exit support, such as the Career Management POP™, helps transitioning employees find new opportunities more effectively, ensuring they leave with a positive view of your company and the tools for future success.

Strategic Benefits for Your Organisation:

  1. Maintain High Morale: Properly supporting departing employees demonstrates to your remaining team that your organisation values its people deeply, boosting morale and engagement.
  2. Strengthen Employer Branding: This thoughtful approach to downsizing not only aids those leaving, but also enhances your reputation as a supportive and responsible employer.

Partner with Validity Group to ensure that both your departing employees and your continuing teams experience positive outcomes during these challenging times.

Elevate your organisational practices to create a lasting positive impact.


Popular programs by business need.


Popular programs by job role.

Why do senior business leaders rely on coaching for success?

For senior business leaders, navigating high stakes and complex challenges is part of the job. Coaching is widely recognised as a key strategy for enhancing leadership effectiveness and driving organisational success.

Enhanced Perspective: A coach offers a fresh set of eyes, providing new insights that challenge and expand a leader’s thinking. This external perspective is crucial for identifying blind spots and exploring new opportunities, essential for strategic decision-making.

Strategic Problem Solving: Coaches work with leaders to clearly define problems and collaboratively explore solutions. This process sharpens a leader’s problem-solving skills, making them more adept at navigating their roles.

Continuous Improvement: The dynamic nature of business demands continuous personal and professional growth. Coaches support this development by setting goals, offering feedback, and fostering a mindset geared towards ongoing learning and adaptation.

Emotional Support: The isolation often experienced in leadership roles can be mitigated through coaching, which provides a confidential space to discuss concerns and challenges. This support is vital for maintaining resilience and motivation.

Overall, coaching is indispensable for senior business leaders aiming to enhance their effectiveness and sustain their organisation’s success, making it a cornerstone of modern leadership strategy.

Sales leaders often face immense pressure to meet targets and drive performance. Handling this stress can be challenging, which is why many turn to the Validity Group for specialised coaching expertise.

Our seasoned coaches, with their extensive experience and independent perspectives, offer invaluable support, guiding sales leaders through the complexities of their roles and helping them achieve their goals more effectively.

This external support not only alleviates stress, but also enhances strategic decision-making, ultimately leading to better outcomes for the leaders and their teams.

Stepping into a new leadership role, whether as a seasoned leader or a newcomer to management positions, presents a unique set of challenges and pressures. Transitioning into these roles through internal promotion or as an external hire often involves a steep learning curve and significant stress.

At Validity Group, we understand the complexities of these transitions. Each of our seasoned coaches is equipped with at least 15 years of experience, providing pivotal support that many of our clients describe as transformational.

Our coaching services are designed to assist not only the newly appointed leader, but also their team, ensuring a seamless integration and positive dynamics from the start.

Our comprehensive approach facilitates effective navigation through the initial challenges of leadership roles, enabling new leaders to make a substantial and positive impact on their teams and projects.

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