Selection Assessments that Turn Your Talent Intelligence into Predictive Intelligence.

By Chris Tandridge

It seems that whilst some organisations have started to use AI algorithms to help them identify and qualify potential job candidates, they are now recognising that there is still the potential for significant risk.

In the complexity of today’s hiring world, it means that every organisation needs to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of any AI process to avoid any costly potential lawsuits. It is therefore extremely important to add a level of predictive science to every selection process.

That is just one of many reasons why we have a growing number of organisations using Validity Group’s assessments to validate their selection algorithm, and hence avoid overlooking and discriminating against qualified candidates. Any organisation that has ever experienced those legal challenges knows too well the impact that can have financially, as well as significant damage to brand, share price and reputation.

We work with organisations of all sizes and across numerous industry sectors and languages to help and support them ensure that they select the Top Talent with our Predictor of Potential (POP™) range of selection assessments. Not only does it reinforce their selection protocols, but it also means that they are legally defensible. (Clearly a claim that not every assessment provider can make.)

I invite you to join the world’s most competitive and successful organisations by using Validity Group’s predictive selection and management assessments that also support your managers to maximise the performance of their teams.

Contact us today to learn more about turning your talent intelligence into predictive intelligence.

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