Why ‘Knowledge in Motion’ with Microlearning is the Next Big Thing.

By Chris Tandridge

We all know that whilst every business must continually navigate constant change, there has remained one constant – How do you improve performanceeasily, effectively, and most importantly, affordably? How can the organisation improve performance whilst simultaneously taking cost out? And as many of know only too well, it’s been the same mantra for years. But now things are different. Now every business can deliver on that. Here I explore the background and lead up to why using knowledge in motion with microlearning is the next big thing.

In this brave new world of business, employees have a voice, and they are using it. They want to be trained; they want to be developed. They want to work for a company that will invest in them. In many cases they want a career, and they want an employer who will support them in that. However, not in the same old way.

They don’t want “just more of the same”. They don’t want to be “buried in help”, spending countless days in training rooms and hour after hour in video training sessions away from their actual job. A job that, of course, doesn’t stop when they attend training, which often means returning to that a mountain of work awaiting them to get stuck into on their return.

Just imagine for a moment: what would it be like in your organisation if your people were no longer bogged down in long training sessions? If they no longer had endless email messages driving and herding them to various platforms to interact with some learning content or event?

How user friendly would it be for them if they could simply interact with some bite-sized microlearning Q&A challenges for just a few minutes a day? And importantly, be able to do so in their normal everyday flow of work?

Learning scenarios can be pushed out to them no matter what platforms they use every day to deliver on their jobs, for example via Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Workday or the CRM that you use. Training and development that they need can be delivered to them wherever they are, whenever they want, and without having to search or swap screens or platforms to do it.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what existing users have to say

Customer experience always demonstrates what and how a solution delivers. Nothing is as clear as when an existing user outlines how they used it and what it has delivered for everyone involved. Take a few minutes to watch what this customer has to say:

Autodesk uses Qstream to drives sales and measure learning ROI

It’s called ‘Knowledge in Motion’ for a reason

Knowledge in motion is about engaging your people in their daily flow of work, on the screens that they use every day.

Being respectful of people’s time is one of the key ingredients that makes Qstream’s Microlearning platform (MLP) such a success. It delivers training in concise, focused, bite-sized pieces that are easy to engage with and digest. Participants are highly motivated by the gamification aspect, which adds a sense of fun and healthy competition. When they submit their answers, participants receive immediate feedback and an explanation that expands upon the correct answer(s).

It doesn’t end there. Qstream’s spaced learning algorithm ensures that the key messages are retained long term. The platform allows you to add in some video and other rich media and best of all, it is delivered to your people when and where it matters most – in their daily rhythm of work. They don’t have to go looking for it and are not distracted from their job. That saves them from any inconvenience and saves the business considerable investments.

Integrations made possible with Qstream Connect

Qstream Connect puts that capability into your hands easily and, most importantly, cost effectively. No longer is training just a checklist item that requires people to get it over and done with; rather something that is relevant to their job, making their job easier, and delivered effectively in short meaningful and relevant questions in the platforms and workflows that they use every day.

Supporting their career and job opportunities in just a few minutes a day, seriously changes the way a business engages with their people, and the way their people engage with the business.

This ensures that your investments in training are not just seen as a distraction from the “real job”. For too many people and for too long, that has been the situation. Now the training that you need delivered will be seen as significantly making their work better, easier, safer, more effective, and making them more successful.

Integrations might not be new, but what IS new is Qstream Connect – making it extremely Easy, Quick and Affordable. And that is just one part of the magic that is Qstream MLP.

Suitable for all industries & across all geographies

Whilst Qstream started life at Harvard Medical School, it has been successfully applied across most industry sectors including Healthcare, Universities, Hi-tech, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Food and Beverage and Law Enforcement, etc. So, it really is applicable to any industry sector.

Qstream has been applied in numerous situations and organisations around the world. The success is not just in the high engagement numbers of 90%+, or the many years of completed Qstreams. The success is really in how it has improved the performance of the individuals involved and the organisations of which they are a part.

With numerous case studies and videos, such as the one above, clients tell of their success. You can learn more by visiting our website or set up a call with us and we can discuss how it can make a difference to your organisation.

You can learn more about the Qstream microlearning solution here or by emailing us at info@validity.group.

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