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In just one assessment, each candidate (either internal or external) can be assessed against 9 roles and compared to millions of data points. And all regionalised to ensure that they are locally relevant.

With additional built-in indicators such as Honesty, Integrity & Emotional Intelligence, EPOP+™ is the most unique and exciting selection assessment available in the world today.

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You can now predict the performance potential of your candidates across 9 roles, as well as determine their career and development directions with predictable accuracy. The EPOP+™ generates 9 reports that are very easy to read and apply without the need for expensive certifications. EPOP+™ is aligned to the pressure of business today and prepares your business for tomorrow:

  • Sales (Hunter & Farmer)
  • Sales Management
  • Management
  • Professional
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Contact/Call Centre – Sales
  • Contact/Call Centre – Service
  • Contact/Call Centre Supervisor/Manager

Used with external candidates, internal candidates and New Grads, the EPOP+™ assessment is ideal for application across all industry sectors and all geographies.

You are now able to assess all your personnel with a predictive snapshot that provides scoring relevant to each position, as different competencies and benchmarks are used.

This allows for greater application and expansive career planning across all personnel and all departments.

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