Challenge & Change.

By Chris Tandridge

“How we – collectively – manage and adapt to Challenge and Change will be crucial to maintaining investor and consumer trust and confidence, and market integrity.” – John Price, Commissioner, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

It’s a high-risk compliance environment

The growing list of requirements surrounding compliance, along with heightened attention from regulators and external stakeholders, has become one of the most globally significant corporate concerns. Despite the risks of personal liability, corporate penalty, and a lasting impact on reputations, frequent compliance breaches continue to occur.

ASIC has noted corporate culture and conduct are primary causes of compliance failure and key focus areas for their inspections. Regulators are looking to Directors and Senior Executives to drive cultural and operational changes, boost compliance resources, and close proficiency gaps within their organisation.

Given what’s at stake, a more successful approach to compliance and risk management is needed to support regulated industries.

Validity introduces Qstream to drive the solution

Validity has a 12-year track record in bringing rapid transformation to corporate operations and culture. Our deep understanding of the challenges of business is supported by our mobile performance acceleration program that will compel sustainable change with minimal disruption.

Backed by science, sustained by evidence

Qstream is a science-based, data-driven platform specifically created to fully engage participants. Developed at Harvard, it is scientifically proven to increase long-term knowledge retention and impact on-the-job performance. Qstream also incorporates data-driven coaching, performance analytics, and data reporting.

It’s a remarkable solution in its simplicity and effectiveness across every business stream, including compliance and risk.

The Qstream challenges apply compliance competencies to real-world scenarios similar to those your employees face daily. What seems an easy exercise in participation actually dives very deeply into the information that can transform behaviour.

Integrated coaching is key to improving compliance culture and conduct. The data-driven Coaching Hub engages frontline managers in supporting the development of key knowledge and skills. For Senior Managers, Qstream’s performance analytics provide valuable insights about the capabilities of the team and areas of risk. They also help you understand which programs are working and where to invest future development dollars.

Full integration for impressive results

Validity provides a fully outsourced solution that includes the Qstream SaaS platform, along with strategic planning, content development, project management, business insights, and day-to-day Qstream administration and support.

This significant collaboration will place your organisation in a position to respond appropriately to an increasingly complex compliance environment.

For a broader view, visit our Compliance page.

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