The Most Important Metric You’re Not Tracking.

By Chris Tandridge

Is Sales Proficiency the Missing Link for Sales Enablement Success?

We already know that results are all about the numbers. We regularly measure Performance – by the numbers, Productivity – by what they do everyday, but what about Proficiency?

Until now you have never been able to measure the third “P” – How well they do it. If they all had the same training and all use the same tools, why are they not all producing the same results? Now you can measure Proficiency – a real game changer.

An organisation’s ability to motivate, measure and improve Sales Proficiency — the knowledge, skills and behaviours of its reps — is key to driving sales performance.

Proficiency is critical to linking sales enablement investments to business results, and should be a foundational metric of any program.

Advanced sales enablement organisations are using proficiency to gauge pipeline health and spot performance risk. Visibility to this data set supports more personalised training and coaching that helps all reps reach their potential.

Continuous sales enablement, guided by analytics, impacts critical KPIs ranging from win rates to new hire productivity.

This is where the rubber hits the road. No more random acts of sales support. Definitively be able to answer your questions and link them to your business outcomes.

On any mobile device in just minutes a day. We help you drive your sales results and link to your KPI’s like never before.

View this brief video of Qstream’s Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Preston, talking about the importance and benefits of measuring Proficiency.

About the Qstream Solution

The solution is in the palm of your hand, on any mobile device. No other sales effectiveness solution delivers such high levels of continuous user engagement day after day. With 94% average engagement or better, Qstream adds value to your team’s day without disrupting it. Built with your busy salespeople in mind.

Qstream’s approach has been scientifically proven in more than 20 rigourous clinical studies to increase the retention of new information by up to 170% and durably change behaviours with impact to the bottom line.

Qstream’s graphical dashboards provide your managers with real-time updates on engagement and proficiency, including sales fluency heat maps, improvement trends and comparisons, and more – based on the filters that you define.

Video Coaching is now made easy. View recorded responses to scenarios presented within a Qstream challenge. These observations, when presented alongside knowledge and skills insights from Qstream’s adaptive reinforcement algorithm, competency ratings, and CRM-sourced performance and productivity data, deliver the richest possible picture of your team’s capabilities.

Using Qstream with your CRM, combine real-time capabilities data with pipeline, forecast and other KPIs for a predictive view of sales performance. Built-in triggers automatically alert managers to immediate opportunities for improvement.

Easy to launch in a matter of weeks, with either your content or ours. Now is not the time for random acts – take precise and effective action today.

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