The 11 Most Powerful Questions in Deal Coaching.

By The Complex Sale

Win the deals you can’t afford to lose

Research shows that less than half of all forecasted deals actually close. The other half is either lost to competition or stalls because the buyer decides not to buy anything from anyone.

Many times, salespeople are overconfident in their chances of winning based on a number of reasons ranging from a lack of competitive strategy to confusion around the political decision-making process.

Strong deal coaching by a sales manager can improve strategy and win rates by 25% or more.

Download our recent e-Book – The 11 Most Powerful Questions in Deal Coaching – to learn what questions you should be asking your salespeople to ensure they win the deals you can’t afford to lose.

There is no doubt of the benefits of deal coaching. There is also little doubt that it is a skill and a talent. Unfortunately for many organisations, even where the talent exists, the time and reach doesn’t. So the question becomes one of “Do we abandon some deals as we don’t have the bench strength OR do we bring in Validity to provide that reach and depth when we need it?”.

The maths are simple really. Increase your win rates by 25% by making a phone call to Validity.

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