Qualifying the Prospect.

By The Complex Sale

Win Early or Go Home

Account qualification is a lot like playing poker. Initially, you don’t know much and the first round of betting is inexpensive. But as the game proceeds, the price of staying in the game goes up.

You must quickly decide:

  • Is this good business for anyone?
  • Is this a winnable opportunity for us?
  • How does it compare to the rest of my opportunities?

Download your complimentary e-Book – Qualifying the Prospect: Pick Winnable Battles – to learn how to avoid “happy ears” and objectively weigh the required resources versus your chance of winning to identify the opportunities you should pursue.

As with every e-Book you have access to, there will be a few suggestions and a number of observations. What there won’t ever be is a complete answer. To get that will require us to have an open and honest discussion. And that will take two things – you making the time and you making contact with Validity.

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