The Canyon & the Crucible.

By The Complex Sale

In competitive selling, second place pays zero

Political pressure rises when buyers have to make a decision and multiple stakeholders have not yet reached a consensus. At this point, the power of your capability is only as good as the political power of the client sponsor who wants it, or the magnitude of the business problem it solves.

If all you have is a sales funnel, your forecast is headed down the drain.

Our e-Book – The Canyon & The Crucible: The Competitive Evaluation – provides valuable insights into the Death Valley Sales Cycle. Learn how to win competitive committee evaluations and dominate accounts in the complex selling environment when issues shift, divided camps break out, and momentum begins to fade.

Download your complimentary e-Book today and learn how to gain control of your role in the sales process so you can win the deals you can’t afford to lose.

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