Workshops & Speaker Engagements

Any workshop should be designed specifically to deliver to your exacting requirements.  It is a significant investment in your resources, your time, and your money.  It must deliver you an outcome.  Our carefully selected and constructed workshops deliver to your needs.

Validity provides an extensive range of workshops, giving our clients an easily identifiable solution for their particular needs at any given point in time.

Our workshops are a compilation of our own IP, as well as the IP of our specialist global partners, whose workshop solutions can only be accessed throughout Asia Pacific via Validity as their exclusive partner in this region.

Examples of our range of workshops include:

  • HR Talent Olympiad
    An exciting, hands-on workshop developing real strategies, solutions and tactics for HR professionals.  Participants will have the opportunity to work as part of a HR team on a case study designed to develop a talent strategy.
  • Thinking, Influencing & Decision Making
    This one-day workshop has been designed to provide Executives with the skills to greatly enhance their ability to think, to influence others and to make better decisions.
  • Coaching Leader Program (CLP)
    Certified by the University of Derby and the International Coach Federation, this program is designed to equip your managers to be both competent and confident coaches who lead by example for results.
  • DiSC Teaming Programs
    For a team to work to its full capacity, it must behave as a team.  To achieve that, we need to understand and appreciate how to connect and communicate with each other.  This fully engaging one-day workshop uses videos, games and provides the tools, the understanding and the language to do so effectively.
  • Sales Workshops
    As outlined in our Sales Enabling Solutions

Our extensive range of solutions can be custom designed, flexible in delivery and aligned to your individual or organisational development objectives.

Delivered by our highly experienced team and our preferred partners, you can rightly expect your team to feel engaged, empowered, invigorated, challenged and motivated with real action items.  Designed for you to implement real changes that can result in measurable success for your organisation.

Speakers, Facilitators and Presenters

Members of our Senior Leadership Team are highly sought after public speakers, facilitators and MC’s.  Culturally sensitive and aware, they have worked internationally presenting and chairing events throughout the entire Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

They ensure that the pace and direction of the event are closely aligned to the client brief, whilst maintaining the balance with the audience.  Their repertoire also extends to introducing speakers; producing suitable levels of energy, focus, and audience involvement; handling question time of panels; filling the moments between speakers; and maintaining a great ambiance for each event.