The transition from tactician to strategist is a transition best not made alone.  Similarly, being the new leader from outside is a challenge that should be supported.  Research indicates that the failure rate of external senior appointments is around 70% due to lack of cultural fit.  Don’t place your investments at risk, provide them with the external support that ensures their success.

A promotion brings with it many diverse challenges.  Each individual situation is comprised of the development of new skill sets, new communication styles and moving from the tactical to the strategic mindset; the transition of moving from a position and skill set in which one had constantly and traditionally been able to demonstrate tremendous value, to a new area of responsibility.

Our New Leader Coaching and Mentoring programs provide each individual with a personal business coach/mentor who has the experience and the skill set to assist in their development during a potentially stressful period:

  • Working with technicians who now are required to lead a team; or
  • Sales executives who now find themselves responsible for a much larger number as well as the success or failure of a team of individuals; or
  • The accountant who now has to lead the team of which they were a part.

How do they change the basis of the pre-existing relationship?  How do they hold “difficult” conversations?  How do they deal with conflict?  How do they lead and motivate?  How do they adjust to the overall responsibilities and avoid the pitfalls?

Validity’s coaching and mentoring support programs provide a robust, powerful support, easily and effectively applied.