In-field & Live Opportunities

Supporting the development of your sales professionals cannot be limited to meeting and motivation in the office.  It cannot be just a training room activity anymore.  It needs sleeves rolled up and working along side them on real client visits.  It needs the extra band width and depth of experience to help them achieve, and hence change their behaviours.  Constant change of staff or real staff development?  Your IP or ours, support them with in-field expertise.

This dynamic and personalised solution is specific to the development and behavioural change of account managers, sales reps, inside sales teams and every level of your sales organisation.

We support and enable your sales teams with coaching, mentoring and consulting on clients and LIVE opportunities by:

  • Providing the business acumen, knowledge, expertise, skills and experience around diagnostics, language, communication and styles.
  • Developing, testing and expanding opportunity plans, proposals and presentations.
  • Supporting your sales teams in client meetings, team meetings, and at every level and phase of the sales process.

These solutions are designed and proven to deliver results and achieving the winning outcomes.

As your external resource, the Validity team is applied as an adjunct to your sales organisation for specific opportunities, or for the rapid development of new teams and new markets.  Meaningful insights, business acumen, experience and expertise all contribute to maximising your success.

The Validity in-field resource can be scoped to meet specific issues, meet deadlines, and extend the reach of sales leaders who may be stretched.  It is a powerful and ideal solution that has demonstrated an ROI of 170%.

Talk to your local Validity office on how a tailor-made solution can be designed for your organisation.