Does your sales organisation have the CLARITY for success?

Your customers’ business, and hence buying decisions, are increasingly made at very senior levels, potentially at Board level.  The skills and knowledge to be successful selling at that level are extremely different.  In a world where failure is not an option, you need a solution to drive your success, gaining CLARITY® gives you a sound basis for that success.

Across industry, the involvement of Board members in the daily operations of a business is increasingly evident.  The logic behind these behaviours can found in RISK.  Their obvious desire to remove, or at least reduce, risk causes many Board members to become very personally involved in the operations on regular basis.

If we understand that, then we understand that decision making in those organisations has now shifted.  Decisions are often escalated.  Decisions are slowed and so is their business and, by inference, so is your business.

This slows down your sales organisation’s capacity to sell into that environment unless you understand it and can navigate your way through it.

  • Is your sales funnel now bent out of shape?
  • Is the sales cycle now suddenly longer than it has been before?
  • Are you now selling to a Board member?
  • Is your internal client now required to sell your solution to the board?
  • If you miss this month’s Board meeting, will you be on the next agenda?

In this market environment, it is increasingly important that your sales organisation is conversant with the responsibilities, behaviours and activities of the Board.  In not understanding and comprehending how to respond to these changes, a sales organisation can be, and often is, at risk.

As Boards become increasingly involved in decisions about your target clients, the decision making process and responsibilities shift and often the process slows down.  All this will impact your capacity to close your sale on time and as forecasted.  You are now required to sell differently, or fail.

What will you do?  Can your sales organisation afford to allow that to happen?  What is the impact on your organisation when results slip?

CLARITY® ensures that your sales organisation has the knowledge, skills, abilities and tools to achieve success.  This is a workshop that is NOT just about delivering the theory.  It is very much about delivering in context, on real opportunities, resulting in real behavioural change and, most importantly, delivering you results.