Business Strategy Development

Validity’s Business Enabling team works with you at all stages of the business strategy development and can support you through its implementation.

As an external resource, we are positioned to expand the depth and breadth of your internal capability and capacity.  We are able to deliver you unblinkered, unfiltered,  broad experience and knowledge.

Linked to your organisation’s Vision, our Business Strategy work delivers business improvement, customer satisfaction, high performance culture, employee satisfaction and solid foundations for your success.

Working with leadership teams across the business, we provide a range of services and support that includes:

  • Facilitation of Strategy Workshops
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Interviews with Board Members, as well as with industry experts and clients

From this base of knowledge and insight, we assist you in determining your organisational capability and your requirements – now and into the future.  The identification and clarity around the gaps that may be identified can have a direct and far reaching impact on developing your organisation and its leadership bench strength.

Validity works with senior leadership teams to bridge capability and skill gaps.  We support your teams and individuals through the facilitation of workshops, evaluations, and coaching and mentoring.  Using an extensive array of tools, models, frameworks and theories, we assist your organisation in determining its core strategy and prioritisation.  This can then proceed to examination of the organisations competitive advantage, its structure and organisational design.

The nature of this work is to generate ideas and strategies, to identify challenges and opportunities for the organisation.  The engagement of the Validity team provides you with an environment and opportunity to achieve real focus and potential change.  One where the current internal environment is often stretched and tested, where no one factor is allowed to dominate.  One where an external resource can support and ensure that every theory and proposition is fully tested in a confidential and robust manner.