About Business Enabling

Enabling businesses to succeed, develop, prosper and grow in the high-pressure world of business today, our solutions have been carefully developed and selected to deliver you success.

From the very first step in the business journey – the company Vision – to the values, culture and organisational design and compensation; from Competitive Intelligence to turning all that data into intelligence that your business can use to succeed – our Business Enabling solutions help enable your business to succeed.

Never before has business had to cope with so many stresses in an ever-changing and sometimes turbulent world.  In this white water of business change, having an external resource with the knowledge, ability and capacity to provide powerful solutions makes for a less stressful time and the ability for you to focus on your success.

With our world leading solutions and expertise in the areas of Competitive Intelligence, Strategy and Visioning, through to supporting your company across organisational design, compensation modelling and change management, our exciting solutions are customised to your very exacting needs and requirements.

Our clients rely on our depth of business acumen, experience and understanding to help deliver the outcomes they seek.  From working with your company’s Board, owners, Senior Leadership Team and Human Resources team, we enable your organisation to succeed.

Our extensive team of professionals has real world knowledge and experience to bring to bear in every engagement. Each member of our Business Enabling team has personally held senior business leadership roles and borne the responsibilities that go with those roles.  They have experienced the constant demands that are required to deliver business results and they have all enjoyed success.  We have world leading expertise in Competitive Intelligence – from a leading authority and author.  When everyone is talking about Big Data, we are translating that data into Intelligence.

We turn business theory into business acumen with our intense 40-hour, three-day Business Cognizance Programme.  We test and expand the capacity of HR leaders to perform at strategic business leader level.  We provide Boards and senior business leaders with unfiltered, accurate insights into their industry for successful and meaningful planning.  We deliver an exceptional Visioning workshop that sets the basis for your organisation’s success.  In short, each of our programmes is designed for your success.

Our impressive and extensive array of tools includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Reports for use of Boards/SLT or Sales Teams
  • Tailor-made programmes
  • Improvement in business acumen
  • Thinking, influencing and decision making
  • Personality Assessments, 360’s and teaming exercise
  • Delegation
  • Motivation

From our armamentarium, you can easily access the solution that is right for your organisation.

Your success is our commitment and focus.