Video Coaching Transcript:

Companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to video practice solutions to develop their sales force. Yet despite high expectations, sustaining long-term adoption can be challenging. Extended practice distracts from reps’ selling time, while time-pressed managers must review hours of submitted footage.

Qstream’s developed a better way. Here’s how.

First, reps receive a mobile push notification that directs them to a specific, time-bound scenario.

After review, they simply record their response — requiring 3 minutes or less — and submit it to their manager for review.

Managers receive a similar message that submissions from their team are ready for viewing.

From just one screen, managers can review the video, rate their reps’ response for knowledge proficiency and confidence, and provide feedback.

Once the manager assessment is complete, each rep receives a follow-on alert to review their scores, as well as any comments.

Our scientifically proven approach takes advantage of Qstream’s adaptive delivery algorithm, including intelligent batching of videos awaiting review, to deliver all the benefits of video coaching in a way that’s engaging and non-disruptive to both the rep and the manager.

And because video scenarios are included in the Qstream Coaching Hub, sales leaders can view these observations alongside knowledge and skills insights, competency ratings, and performance data for the richest possible picture of their sales team’s capabilities.

Science-backed. Data-driven. Minutes a Day. That’s why Qstream is the favorite app for sales coaching and knowledge retention. Ready to get started? Request a live demo today.