Express POP™ is here. Six roles, one assessment.

Our latest game-changing assessment ticks all the boxes for today’s reality.

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Designed by Business and HR leaders for the challenges of today.

Used by HR and Business Managers, Express POP™ helps organisations objectively evaluate a candidate’s – or a current employee’s – natural suitability to various organisational roles.

The Express POP™ maintains the bulk of the predictive power of our classic Predictor of Potential (POP™) assessments and is fully validated against a database of millions of users.

Once you’ve identified the individual’s natural fit using the Express POP™, you may choose to follow up with the identified role-specific POP™ assessment for a deeper dive into their personality traits and predictor of performance.

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The science and the reports are the keys to your success.

The benefits of Normative over Ipsative.

Our assessments are Normative. This allow us to measure items on a continuum and can therefore assess the degree of the person in relation to the statements. Our Liekert Scale provides a measurement scale from 1-5, from Totally Agree to Totally Disagree. This gives you the shading and accuracy that you need as the basis for an informed decision.


  • Refers to items that are forced-choice
  • Are you either “this OR that?”


Candidates are forced to choose between different options such as a yes/no or true/false response. An Ipsative score does not allow for norms to be created to compare across candidates.


  • Refers to items that are on a continuum
  • To what degree would you agree with this statement?


Normative assessments are far better at predicting performance and can be used to benchmark the ideal candidate against your organisation’s specific performance data.

What makes our ExpressPOP™ report so unique?

In just one report, you can assess an employee or candidate against 6 different roles within your company:

  • Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Professional
  • Service

Live report rendering allows you to tailor the report view specific to each of the 6 roles.

Each report allows you to scroll through the reports across the following areas:

  • Predictive Snapshot
  • Personality
  • Management Preview
  • Coaching Remotely Tips
  • Summary of Scores
  • + Candidate Feedback Report

The interpretation of each role suitability dial can be found in each report, and each role is separated with each competency fully explained.

Interpretation guides are available free of charge to assessment purchasers.

Traffic lights.

Just like our classic POP™ reports, the Sales and Sales Management ExpressPOP™ reports include traffic lights to help expedite your selection decision at a first pass, and includes an additional tier as follows:

Golden eagle = Candidate benchmarks among the top 15% of performers; Green = Candidate has a consistent assessment with that of top performers; Amber = Candidate has some strengths, but also significant growth opportunities; Red = Candidate benchmarks significantly lower than validated top performers.

Role-specific suitability dials.

The role-specific suitability dials reflect the critical core competencies associated with success in these positions.

  • The tri-coloured dials have been globally validated against top performer KPIs and retention over the past 40 years, making the benchmarks both empirically supported and highly predictive.
  • The all-green dials are intended to be descriptive at the outset of a client relationship. These can be customised and benchmarked once a validation study is conducted and a deeper understanding of role nuances and organisational culture are established.