6 Reasons Why Qstream’s Microlearning Platform (MLP) Is A Leading Enterprise Microlearning Solution.

By Judy Dineen

Microlearning is now an established, tried-and-tested approach to education and training, revolutionising the way individuals and organisations acquire and retain knowledge. Back in 2018, we chose to align ourselves with one of the standout leaders in this area, Qstream, because of its superior microlearning platform. Qstream’s leading enterprise microlearning solution is consistently validated by both scientific research and practical application. It delivers exceptional levels of knowledge retention, engagement, and efficiency. Additionally, its analytics provide precise insights and a real-time view of job performance readiness, ensuring employees are well-prepared and informed.

Qstream has continuously enhanced its platform with cutting-edge features, ensuring it remains at the forefront of educational technology. Today, Qstream is celebrated for its ability to engage learners, streamline training processes, and provide precise insights into job performance, thus solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in the microlearning landscape.

Here are 6 of the key standout features of Qstream’s leading enterprise microlearning solution:

1. Microlearning Excellence that is Grounded in Science

Qstream is built on neuroscience algorithms that have been validated by over 20 peer-reviewed clinical trials and years of practical application. For this reason, Qstream continues to transform workplace learning with its agile, engaging, and personalised approach. This ensures that targeted knowledge is delivered precisely when it is needed most, enhancing learning efficiency and effectiveness.

Not only does Qstream revolutionise employee empowerment with its individualised learning approach, but it can also seamlessly integrate with your existing HR and learning tech systems. Qstream’s distinctive Q&A and spaced repetition methodology stands out as the most effective microlearning and knowledge retention solution available today.

2. AI-Powered Content Creation: Efficiency at Its Best

Creating effective training content can be a time-consuming task. However, Qstream’s AI platform simplifies this process, enabling training teams to develop high-quality content quickly and efficiently. The AI-driven content creation tool helps you generate relevant, engaging training materials tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. This means your team can focus more on strategic planning and less on content development.

3. Diverse Question Formats: Keeping Learners Engaged

Engagement is key to successful learning, and Qstream excels in this area with its diverse range of question formats. From multiple choice and true/false questions to video responses and fill-in-the-blank exercises, Qstream offers a variety of ways to test and reinforce knowledge. This variety keeps learners engaged and ensures that training remains interactive and interesting. And what’s more, some of these question types can be easily built with the AI Microlearning Content Generator.

4. Qstream Comms: Streamline Announcements

Effective communication is crucial for any organisation. One of Qstream’s recent enhancements, Qstream Comms, allows you to easily share announcements, updates, and important information with your team. Whether it’s a new policy, a change in procedure, a new product or a motivational message, you can ensure that everyone stays informed and aligned with organisational goals.

5. Qstream Learner Surveys: Feedback at Your Fingertips

Understanding what works and what doesn’t in your training programs is essential for continuous improvement. Qstream Learner Surveys, the latest addition to the platform, allow you to gather valuable feedback from your learners. This new functionality can be used in various ways to enhance your training efforts.

This latest enhancement deserves it’s very own blog. In the meantime, here’s a detailed overview of how you can utilise this great new feature:

Learner Feedback

Discover what learners liked about a recent training session and identify areas for improvement. This feedback helps you refine your programs to better meet their needs.

Training Preferences

Give employees a say in the learning process by asking which topics they would benefit from receiving training on. This ensures that your training programs are relevant and valuable.

Strategic Decisions

Use surveys to get a baseline assessment of current knowledge before rolling out new training programs. This helps you make more informed and strategic decisions.

Workforce Insights

Collect demographic information (age, gender, race/ethnicity, geographic location, etc.) and preferences on various topics to better understand and meet the needs of your workforce.

Multi-Subject Questions

Ask questions across multiple subjects to gain insights and knowledge often required by senior management. This can provide a comprehensive understanding of your team’s capabilities and areas for development.

Partner and Reseller Feedback

Using Qstream across resellers, partners, and retailers can help gather valuable insights and feedback to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Healthcare Insights

For organisations in the healthcare sector, surveys can gather insights from health professionals to make patient care more effective.

The potential applications of Qstream Learner Surveys are vast. We encourage you to get creative in how you use them within your organisation. Whether you’re looking to improve employee engagement, gather strategic insights, or enhance customer satisfaction, Qstream provides the tools you need to succeed.

6. Real-time, Actionable Insights

Qstream’s real-time manager dashboards and performance analytics offer significant benefits, transforming the way organisations monitor and enhance employee learning and development. These powerful tools provide managers with instant access to detailed insights into the progress of their direct reports, identifying knowledge gaps and performance trends. This enables timely, data-driven decisions and personalised coaching interventions that target specific needs.

By visualising key metrics and tracking the effectiveness of training programs, managers can ensure that learning initiatives are aligned with business objectives and driving the desired outcomes. Ultimately, Qstream’s real-time analytics foster a proactive approach to employee development, enhancing overall productivity and readiness.

Delivering unmatched value with Qstream: one platform, multiple applications & benefits

At Validity Group, we pride ourselves on enabling our clients to achieve exceptional outcomes with ease and at minimal cost. The comprehensive suite of features packed into Qstream’s microlearning platform’s ensures that your training programs are not only effective but also engaging and efficient. This is why we have cultivated such strong, enduring relationships with our clients.

In summary, here’s a brief overview of what Qstream’s microlearning platform (MLP) offers under one powerful licence:

1. Microlearning Excellence that is Grounded in Science

There are many good reasons why Qstream is regarded as a leading enterprise microlearning solution. However, it gets back to where it started (and continues to this day)—the backbone of Qstream’s microlearning platform lies in its innovative use of neuroscience-based algorithms and proven methodologies. Central to its effectiveness are key features such as personalised Q&A sessions, spaced repetition, and scenario-based challenges, all designed to enhance knowledge retention and engagement.

2. AI-Driven Content Creation

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create custom content quickly and easily. Qstream’s AI microlearning content generation capability helps you develop content that is relevant, up-to-date, and tailored to the unique needs of your workforce.

3. Diverse Question Formats

Engage learners with a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, video scenarios, and more. This variety keeps the training dynamic and interesting, catering to different learning styles and enhancing knowledge retention.

4. Effective Communication Tools

Qstream doubles as your communication platform, allowing you to make important announcements and share updates seamlessly. Keep your team informed and aligned without needing a separate tool at extra cost.

5. Powerful Survey Capabilities

Gather invaluable feedback with Qstream’s integrated survey tool. Understand what your learners liked about a training session, identify areas for improvement, and gain insights into future training needs. This feedback loop is crucial for continuously enhancing your training programs.

By integrating all these features into one platform, Qstream delivers an all-in-one solution that simplifies your training processes while driving exceptional results. Whether you are aiming to boost sales performance, enhance employee skills, or ensure compliance, Qstream provides the tools you need to succeed.

6. Real-Time, Actionable Insights

Qstream’s real-time manager dashboards and performance analytics revolutionise employee learning and development by providing instant, detailed insights into each learner’s progress. This enable managers to identify knowledge gaps, track performance trends, and make data-driven decisions for targeted coaching. By visualising key metrics and aligning training initiatives with business objectives, Qstream enhances productivity and readiness, ensuring effective and efficient learning outcomes.

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