6 Characteristics that Predict Sales Success.

By Chris Tandridge

Selecting the right person for any role can be a challenge. Getting it wrong will have expensive consequences, especially with any sales role. All those costs add up quickly and come straight off the bottom line. That’s what makes our research so valuable, and why we are delighted to make it available to you.

I don’t believe it is an exaggeration to say that salespeople have the single greatest economic impact on any organisation. Salespeople connect your business to your customers. They exchange ideas and concepts and keep you abreast of a rapidly changing market. They not only connect you to your marketplace, but they also deliver the all-important cashflows.

Basically, there is no role that is more important than that of the salesperson because without a successful salesperson, you are starved of funds. That’s why we all try and select the right salespeople, the best salespeople we can find. It’s why we all try and keep the best salespeople and not lose them to the opposition. And it’s a challenge that too many organisations find difficult to address.

2022 is no different; in fact, it’s even more challenging

We are now in the early stages of a year when your selection of salespeople will be more critical than ever before. This year of all years, you will need a sales force that is at the very top of their game because the competition for revenue is going to be intense. In some cases, it is going to be desperate.

For too many, the selection of the right salespeople has been a gamble, a guess, a hope, and a wish. They are selected because their resume reads well, and they interviewed well. And too often, we find ourselves disappointed with the results.

When you look at the average sales team out there, you will generally find a couple of top performers. These are the people who achieve or even exceed their goals and targets. The next group are not bad, but they don’t excel. Often, they just fall short of target. And then of course we have the laggards. The ones who fail, the ones who can rob the organisation of the oxygen it needs to live.

The answer lies in replacing guesswork with science

But what if you could take the gamble out? What would be the impact to your bottom line if your entire sales team was able to deliver maximum results? What would those numbers look like? In this study, we show you not only WHO to select and WHY, but we also show you the financial benefits of doing so. The numbers are impossible ignore.

We are delighted to share our data with you so you can make informed selection decisions. We would like to give you FREE access to our latest eBook “6 Characteristics that Predict Sales Success”. This will make all the difference to your sales success in 2022 and beyond.

Our eBook is based upon data analysis that is global in nature and includes competitive sales positions across a variety of industries that form part of a vast database of over 25 million respondents. It is also longitudinal in nature as it includes data over the past 10 years, thereby ensuring no temporal of geographic biases are present.

We trust that you will find this information useful and applicable to your selection processes. It has already proven invaluable to many of our clients. We would be delighted to support your selection processes with our Sales Predictor of Potential (POP™) assessment, the POP7.0™.

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