6 characteristics that predict sales success.

Sales reps with these 6 characteristics average 297% higher results.

See what’s inside.

Our eBook delves into the science, research and statistical relevance behind the 6 characteristics and the impacts they have on your business results.


Type of referral

Which referral source produces significantly higher quality candidates?


Employment status

Employed or unemployed at the time of application. Which is better?


Level of experience

Just what is the ideal level of competitive sales experience?


History of job tenure

We look at one of the key areas of measurement in today’s market.


Hours worked per week

Our research shows which newly appointed reps significantly outperform their new colleagues.


Familiarity & belief in the product

How much difference does it really make?

The cumulative impact.

Our eBook highlights the cumulative impact that these predictive attributes have on a sales candidate’s probability for success and retention, and by extension, the success of your organisation.