Your 4-Step Approach to Making Microlearning Easy.

By Chris Tandridge

Amidst all the chatter and noise about microlearning it can become confusing, and it might even seem just a little too difficult. It doesn’t have to be, and quite frankly it shouldn’t be. So let’s strip out all of that noise and confusion and get to some of the facts.

The advantages of microlearning are many and are very suited to today’s business environment. It has been scientifically proven that people learn best in short, focused deliveries that do not interfere with their busy work schedules or their many social commitments.

Only one microlearning platform is truly grounded in science

What better way to keep everyone engaged and up-to-speed than using the world’s leading microlearning platform – Qstream? Developed at Harvard Medical School, it is supported by its own medical research papers, plus numerous happy clients who have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the many benefits. Benefits that extend across every subject area, every department and across all geographies.

I would suggest that this is a key item for you to consider when selecting the right microlearning platform for your organisation. Qstream is based upon its own scientific research, its own numerous peer-reviewed medical journal published studies (20 studies in fact – see link below) and numerous documented data points. That’s why major and leading brands, companies and organisations choose Qstream as their microlearning platform.

Would you listen more to the person who read the book, or to the person who wrote the book?

Some of the other microlearning platforms in the marketplace can confuse the selection process. Instead of presenting their own data, based upon their own solution, they instead make reference to some other’s research, present a tenuous connection of data, and imply some level of connection with their own solution. That can sometimes be a long stretch, with a connection that might be tenuous at best, which only adds to the noise and confusion.

Qstream does not need to do that, and instead delivers an extensive range of data on which you can depend that is based on its very own research, specifically on the use and application of Qstream. It is this depth of research and data that clients rely on as part of their selection process. Continually delivering results that so many organisations rely on for their success across all industry sectors and all geographies. Download a PDF of Qstream case studies.

What can I use Qstream for?

In a time when many of us are becoming increasingly used to working remotely, the ability to access Qstream on any mobile device is a distinct advantage for users everywhere. Plus, Qstream can be delivered in 18+ languages. It might be that the language spoken at the dinner table is the language that you use for some of your users. Whether accessed by your people on a desktop or on a mobile device, their experience is always extremely positive, as is repeatedly reflected in users’ comments and feedback reports.

We all know that higher engagement with a microlearning tool equals more complete data and insights. Qstream consistently achieves an outstanding average engagement level of 93%. The real key to ensuring high engagement levels of your people is the capability to deliver learning content in around 3-4 minutes. Combining this with both spaced learning methodology and gamification, Qstream delivers you a real winner that ensures outstanding results. Now that is microlearning in action.

What about highly complex content?

This is a question that I am often asked. Indeed, a number of clients have very complex training materials, and they struggle with how to deliver their content in a way that ensures clear messaging and learning points for their participants. We can point to many successful examples across all industry sectors, but in this case allow me to bring The Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP) to your attention. I suggest that we can all appreciate the complexity of their subject matter. The RACP’s use case will demonstrate their use and application so that we can all appreciate how they have applied Qstream to help them deliver their spaced learning program.

We can now appreciate that no matter the scale and depth of the content being delivered, Qstream becomes the solution of choice of so many.

What do customers say?

Customer feedback in every industry is vital and in the case of Qstream, the feedback from everyone involved is extremely positive. Users regularly provide us feedback on their positive experience via the Qstream platform. They will openly share comments such as “How enjoyable I found it”, “How relevant it is to my job”, “How it took so little of my time and didn’t hamper or slow me down during my very busy days”.

In today’s reality of working remotely, whether part of the time or all of it, Qstream has provided users everywhere with sound support. It has dramatically improved levels of engagement and as a result, improved business results.

Our users report that they were not distracted by Qstream as they had been with video calls or con calls that seemed to have little, if any, relevance to them and their role. Staying connected and involved simply, easily, and effectively has proven to be extremely popular across numerous and entire user groups. And today, that is a vital element of success.

It’s not just the users who benefit – leadership does too

Similarly, the leadership teams across our client organisations are impressed by the data and insights they now have access to. They have visibility of all the key areas that need their support, attention or further development. In other words, it provides them with pinpoint accuracy on where to focus their future investments and strategies, and where further coaching deliveries and programs are required.

Leadership now has easy access to accurate data on which to make those sound business decisions and investments. No more guesswork or assumptions. They now have solid reliable data points, thereby ensuring no wasted time or resources. And that means that investments and expenditure of time are focused exactly where they are needed, not in some random or scatter gun approach.

We know this and can share this because our clients tell us about it, and we have the opportunity to witness it repeatedly with every client who uses Qstream. Across all industry sectors and in multiple languages, we get to see and hear about their results.

About those 18+ multiple languages… and did I mention GDPR and worker council approvals?

Here at Validity, we have helped deliver Qstream in Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. We have helped our clients run Qstreams across Asia and into China. We have supported them across all of Europe and have engaged with Workers Councils in both Germany and France. Similarly, we have supported clients across the Americas, and finally across Oceania. It is that depth and breadth of experience that enables our clients to succeed.

They all enjoy the benefits of:

  • Increase in sales results
  • Dramatic improvement in knowledge levels across all subjects
  • Performance improvements across a broad range of vitally important business metrics.

We hear how the compliance teams are now convinced and satisfied that they have fully delivered their materials affordably, effectively and quickly. How sales results are dramatically improved, how forecasts are far more accurate and reliable, and how numerous operational problems have been solved and resolved.

So, let’s understand how easy it can be for everyone.

A straightforward 4-step approach

Step 1 – Identify Your Learning Topics

We would first urge you to have absolute clarity of your business goals. This will then impact and give clarity to what knowledge, skills, and behaviours that you need in your teams to meet those goals. Having those objectives and deliverables clearly identified is how best to start to deliver on your objectives with Qstream.

Learning leaders everywhere choose Qstream because they know that it does one thing extremely well – it will reinforce learning – and that is critical to boost employee performance so your business can achieve its full potential and success.

Now those same learning leaders are using Qstream to deliver the training. Yes, not only reinforcement following a learning event, Qstream is now being used to deliver the learning event.

We recommend aligning your Qstream roadmap to your annual learning calendar to reinforce the learning topics that will have the most impact on your business, each month, each quarter and by each business unit. We can discuss further and show you examples of how clients use Qstream and how you can target specific areas in your business.

These are just some of the ways Qstream customers engage their employees with continuous learning and development to improve their job proficiency.

Step 2 – Create Job-Specific Content

Once learning goals and topics are established, it’s now time to design your microlearning program. Qstream micro-challenges are designed to build critical thinking skills by delivering and reinforcing content in the way that the human brain learns.

Validity Group’s experienced Services Team will guide you through the content development process by sharing best practices and training your team to be self-sufficient. We offer our clients a Content Workshop to fine-tune their Qstream content skills or instructional design services. For clients who don’t have sufficient resources or time available, you can outsource various aspects of the Qstream content process to our Validity Group Services team.

Step 3 – Reinforce Learning at Scale

Before launching your first Qstream challenge, be sure to communicate with all your participants, managers and the leadership team so they know what’s coming and how to encourage engagement.

Naming of teams in a Qstream challenge can be an ideal way to drive up engagement by participants. We have had client teams invent their own team names and that gives them a real sense of ownership. It’s that sense of tribal allegiance that keeps them engaged and participating.

Then, keep them all regularly updated during the Qstream challenge by sharing updates on progress so far, recognising top performers and highly engaged participants and teams. Plus, encourage managers to take action on coaching actions to help their team out. The first line managers will receive a weekly report which will easily signpost the who and the what that they need to focus their attention on.

So, communication is a key driver to your Qstream success. We provide you with all the communications drafts, instructions and support that you may require to deliver on your successful Qstreams.

Step 4 – Actionable Qstream Insights

From the Qstream challenge responses, thousands of data points are processed and presented to management via real-time dashboards, proficiency heatmaps, stats, graphs and video scenarios.

This information allows managers to analyse and take remedial action where there are knowledge gaps. Proficiency heatmaps also show initial and current proficiency against any reporting parameter to measure training effectiveness and guide future training needs.

In a world where data is vital, Qstream gives you access to a depth and breadth of data never before available. For the Learning and Development team that have insights and data on which to base all their decisions and forecasts. For business leaders they can clearly see where they need to invest time, money and resources. It also gives clarity of where the challenges are across the business. No more guesswork or assumptions, now everyone has the key solid data to accurately focus on what the business needs and where it needs it.

In conclusion

So there it is. A simple, straightforward, four-step process that lets you enjoy the many benefits of microlearning, minus the anguish and uncertainty, and all delivered with Qstream.

It really is that straightforward. Why not get started today with Qstream, the leader in the field?

You can start your Qstream journey by visiting our Microlearning page, or why not cut to the chase and request a demo?

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