Qstream Adds Video Coaching to Coaching Hub.

By Qstream

Article courtesy of Julie Murphy, Qstream.

At Qstream, we know how critical coaching is to a sales team’s success – and how hard it can be to effectively implement at scale. The challenges have been well-documented: while managers rate coaching as the number one most important activity based on its impact to sales effectiveness – ranking it higher than lead gen, compensation, and sales process – 77% of firms say they don’t provide enough coaching to their salespeople (Sales Management Association). The reasons are largely the result of sales managers having more responsibility, and less time, than ever before.

Qstream has solved this by extending our unique data-driven, minutes-a-day approach to the development of our latest Coaching Hub feature: video coaching.

With our video coaching solution, sales managers can view recorded responses to video scenarios presented within a Qstream challenge. These video observations can then be viewed alongside Qstream knowledge and skills insights, competency ratings and CRM-sourced performance and productivity data, to give sales leaders and executive management a 360-degree view of their team’s capabilities.

What Sets Qstream’s Video Coaching Apart?

While video observations can be a valuable tool for managers, when used independently of a larger coaching framework, including the data insights to support it, they can’t successfully address the biggest barriers to coaching: the issues of who, what, and how to coach, coupled with a lack of time on the part of front-line managers.

Our video coaching solution addresses these challenges head-on, taking the guesswork out of ad-hoc coaching interactions and laying the foundation for a sustainable coaching culture.

How it Works

Capture: Reps receive a mobile push notification that directs them to a targeted time-bound scenario. After review, they simply record their response – requiring just three minutes or less – and submit it to their manager for review.

Coach: Qstream employs intelligent batching and spacing of videos for managers. This, along with the time-bound approach, serves to avoid overwhelming managers with a barrage of lengthy videos to review, a common pitfall of many video coaching solutions. From one simple screen, managers can review the video and rate their reps’ responses for knowledge proficiency and confidence, as well as individualized feedback. Once the manager’s assessment is complete, each rep receives a follow-on alert to review their scores, as well as any specific comments.

Correlate: Managers can then align video observations with the knowledge, skills, competency and performance data available within the Qstream Coaching Hub for the richest possible picture of their team’s capabilities. By focusing valuable coaching time on the individual needs of each rep, sales managers can maximize their coaching impact and help each rep progress more quickly along their individual development path.

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