Hire the Best Salespeople Through the Art of Leveraging Selection Assessments.

By Chris Tandridge

The cornerstone of building a successful sales team is to hire the best salespeople—individuals who are not only equipped to thrive in the competitive world of sales but are also inherently suited for it. Making the wrong hire can lead to enormous pressures and severe consequences, impacting morale, productivity, and revenue. It’s time to aim for a full team of the best rather than just a few top performers.

Avoid the enormous pressures & consequences of a wrong hire

Whether you are assembling a new team or re-evaluating an existing one, you might have noticed that not all team members consistently meet their sales targets. Often, those falling short receive the most attention, additional training, and more intensive coaching. But imagine a scenario where every team member is a high performer, accurately and reliably forecasting their sales pipeline. What if your investments in training and coaching didn’t just meet but exceeded expectations, turning a good sales team into a great one? This scenario isn’t just a dream—it’s a reality for many of our clients thanks to our POP7.0™ Sales Selection Assessment.

Why Choose POP7.0™?

Empower Sales Leaders

Our assessment puts the power directly in the hands of Sales Leaders and Managers. They receive straightforward, actionable reports that predict performance (POP7.0™), aiding them in identifying the ideal candidates for ‘hunter’ and ‘farmer’ sales roles—all from a single report. This empowerment allows sales leaders to make data-driven decisions that enhance team performance.

Enhance Training and Development

The detailed insights provided by the POP7.0™ assessment eliminate guesswork for managers, enabling tailored coaching strategies that help each team member reach their potential. It also guides L&D teams in customising training programs based on the unique strengths and needs of each individual. By understanding the specific traits and skills of each salesperson, organisations can maximise the effectiveness of their training investments.

Simplify and Save

Our reports are designed to be easy to read and apply, requiring no special training or costly certifications. This accessibility ensures that even organisations without a dedicated HR department can compete effectively, utilising resources previously spent on certifications more wisely. The simplicity of the POP7.0™ assessment means that businesses can quickly and efficiently implement the tool, driving immediate improvements in hiring processes.

Affordable for All

We believe in democratising access to top-tier assessment tools. POP7.0™ is priced to be accessible for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that every organisation can afford the tools they need to succeed. By making the assessment affordable, we ensure that every company, regardless of size, can build a high-performing sales team.

Role-Specific & Normative (Not Ipsative)

POP7.0™’s role-specific and normative nature makes it a powerful tool for sales selection. By aligning the assessment with the specific demands of the role and using comparative benchmarks, POP7.0™ ensures that organisations can make data-driven hiring decisions that lead to the selection of top-tier talent. This approach not only enhances the accuracy and relevance of the assessment, but also provides a robust framework for identifying candidates who are likely to excel in their roles, thereby driving organisational success.

Learn more about the science behind our assessments and the benefits of Normative vs Ipsative.

Ready to transform your sales team?

Elevate your sales force with precision and ensure top sales results now. The pressures of a wrong hire are enormous and the consequences are too significant to ignore. It’s time to aim for a full team of the best rather than settling for a few top performers. With POP7.0™, you can master the art of hiring the best salespeople, driving your organisation to unparalleled success.

Start building your high-performing sales team today and transform your hiring process. Our POP7.0™ Sales Selection Assessment can turn your sales force into a powerhouse of high achievers.

Contact us today to start a conversation about hiring the best salespeople for your team. Or cut to the chase and buy a Sales POP7.0™ from our online assessments store. Don’t forget to ask us about accessing our exclusive discounts.

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