Employee Talent – the Competitive Edge.

By Chris Tandridge

The business world continues to change at a frenetic pace. Businesses respond by changing and evolving to survive, grow and prosper. In this environment, how you respond and cope will have a direct impact upon all stakeholders – your clients, your shareholders, your company, your people, your family, your suppliers and yes, your very own career.

Everyone is impacted by and intrinsically linked to your decisions and actions. How do you get the right senior executive support? Who is your sounding board for those decisions that may well ripple across your business and your market. Seeking professional coaching and mentoring from Validity has delivered powerful, measurable results and outcomes for all our clients – clients who have faced similar challenges to you.

Validity’s experience is drawn across numerous industries throughout the entire region, working with business leaders and senior managers at all levels within organisations. It is this depth of experience and knowledge, combined with our robust systems and processes, delivered by the high quality of our extensive team, that delivers customised and personalised outcomes for all our clients.

In the current business climate, many executives and managers feel increasingly isolated and insulated from receiving the support and guidance that will assist them to manoeuvre successfully through the corporate minefields, both within their organisation and across the market. The provision of our high quality coaching and mentoring solutions delivers you powerful support and solid metrics from a neutral third party perspective. Our focus is on YOU and YOUR success.

Every one of our clients’ needs is unique, and as a result we select the right solution delivery and the right coach and mentor for you to work with. Our process provides for the degree of flexibility and customisation required by any organisation or individual. A process that provides total clarity, identification of clear objectives, outcomes and measurements. Our proven system is PROOF©.

There are numerous ways we can engage with you or your organisation through our Senior Leadership, Executive and Manager Coaching and Mentoring services. We provide you with either long term or short term engagements designed to deliver on specific outcomes, or in delivering customised workshops for clearly identified outcomes and requirements. Our flexibility and diversity of skills means we are able to facilitate a solution that best suits your needs, your drivers and your budget.

Our experience and success is easily accessible to support you, your business and your executives for the challenges of today and the future. With access to our extensive team of Associates and our partners in Europe and the Americas, you now have a partner that in one call can provide you a full service, no matter where your business takes you in the world.

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