Validity Group Announces that it is Appointing Resellers for its Easy Redmine Project Management Platform.

Great opportunity to grow your profits by leveraging the No.1 Redmine platform trusted by 3,500+ businesses globally.

Key details of Validity’s Easy Redmine Project Management platform:

  • Project management made visual & easy.
  • Available as Cloud or On-premise.
  • Includes WBS, Gantt, SCRUM, Kanban, & other best PM practices.
  • Extensible with modules for Resources, Finances, Help Desk, B2B CRM, & DevOps
  • Easy to set up & use.
  • Quick & secure.
  • Easy Redmine mobile app.
  • Perfect for every size of organisation.
  • Across all industry & government sectors.
  • Multiple plugins
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Professional services – implementation, support, regular webinars, and e-learning.

Melbourne, Australia. 18thJuly 2022.

The Best Project Management Tools in One Application

Validity Group has announced that it seeks to appoint Resellers, primarily across Australia and New Zealand, for their Easy Redmine solution. Easy Redmine is a professional project management software for individuals, teams, and the whole company. Based on WBS, Gantt, SCRUM, Kanban, and other best PM practices, Easy Redmine is extensible with modules for Resources, Finances, Help Desk, B2B CRM, and DevOps toolset.

Delivering a number of key advantages, including the choice of either a Cloud or On-premise solution, Easy Redmine is generating strong interest around the world. Highly customisable to suit specific organisational requirements, the platform is being considered by some major Australian corporations as an alternative to their current platform as it can be hosted on a client’s server to meet company guidelines and requirements.

The demand for open-source project planning alternatives can now be satisfied with a platform that is amazingly user friendly, requires no heavy-duty training as it is highly intuitive for all users, and suits the needs and demands of all sized organisations in all industry and government sectors.

“Our goal is to make our resellers and their customers successful, and Easy Redmine project management delivers exactly on that” said Validity Group CEO, Chris Tandridge. A highly affordable and easy-to-use solution for any sized business and organisation makes this an attractive solution for consideration, and a 30-day free trial clearly demonstrates to everyone just how easy and applicable it is.

The Most Wanted Redmine Features in One Upgrade

Easy Redmine is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade. The new mobile design, combined with the most wanted plugins and features, provides a more enjoyable project management experience, improved communications, better user experience, and increased productivity.

The user reaction to Easy Redmine is always extremely positive, whether they are experienced or beginner-level project teams. The platform is highly intuitive and user friendly and that makes people, projects, and organisations successful.

Validity Group sees Easy Redmine as a key ingredient for the success of all its resellers and their customers. It is an ideal adjunct to Validity’s established and proven solution range of Selection Assessments (POP™), Microlearning (Qstream®) and Coaching programs, all of which are about driving business results through any organisation’s best asset – their people.

“Businesses and organisations who want to use innovative ideas to drive their success and want to be at the forefront of their competition will quickly identify Easy Redmine project management as the ideal solution.”

Full-Featured, SSL Protected Test Drive; No Credit Card or Installation Required

Supporting the reseller network is a prime goal of Validity Group and hence it makes available for their resellers prospects an obligation-free trial for 30 days. Customer ease of use is important, and ease of integration and security are always paramount in the buying decision process. All of these requirements are met by this amazing platform. This obligation-free test drive is a key example of how Validity Group and Easy Redmine together demonstrate customer centricity.

This all goes to help support the sales process as prospects experience the ease of use and application to their organisation. To support the reseller network further, a Technical Demonstration Team is available to support LIVE demos to clients and assist in answering any technical questions posed by prospects.

As with all test drives, it is a full featured version to allow customers to explore all functionalities and capabilities of the platform. Customers can then select the solution level that best suits their needs. And of course, upgrading down the track is quick, easy, and simple. Easy Redmine has the unique distinction of being available either in the Cloud or on the clients’ servers, meaning that every financial institution, government department or indeed any organisation that must comply with company requirements to have an On-premise solution, can now solve that problem easily, effectively and affordably.

“We understand and appreciate that several organisations are not able to use our cloud-based version, so having a solution specifically designed to meet their needs is extremely important. Having an On-premise version is an important aspect for a great many clients and we are delighted to be able to deliver on that.”

Easy Redmine is used by hundreds of thousands of people and numerous organisations of all different sizes and across every industry sector around the world. This is a strong indicator of how applicable and useful the Easy Redmine project management platform really is for so many customers. The FREE 30-day trial is a tremendous offer to potential clients to ensure that they can – risk free – evaluate how applicable this platform is to them and their needs and is a great sales aid for resellers.

About Validity Group

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