Contact CentrePOP™


The Contact CenterPOP™ is one of the world’s leading call center assessment tools. Thoroughly validated, it is designed for the selection, training and coaching of contact centre staff. One assessment allows you to evaluate candidates for three roles: Outbound (sales); Inbound (service); Supervisor (suitability for, or capacity to be developed into, a supervisor role).

One assessment delivers you all the information you require for your selection protocols, complete with interview questions and development suggestions.

  • Select and retain top performing call center professionals
  • Substantially reduce early turnover
  • Identify candidates with the potential to cross-sell and upsell
  • Develop a pool of qualified candidates to support future hiring needs
  • Identify the source traits of your best performers

Managing your customer relationships and sales initiatives is too critical to put into the hands of the wrong person. The Contact CenterPOP™ helps contact centre recruiters accurately predict performance and retention and make better hiring decisions.