Management Potential Screen™

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The Management Potential Screen™ provides an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits for management and supervisory positions.

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The MPPScreen2.0™:

  • Manages large numbers of targeted recruits
  • Uses management specific criteria to assess talent, work history and probability of success
  • Standardised, objective and validated questions
  • Provides data which can be measured and integrated with selection, development and retention processes as the basis for continuous improvement

The MPPScreen2.0™ report:

  • Determines suitability for management positions
  • Identifies high potential management candidates
  • Screens and eliminates candidates lacking essential background traits
  • Organises candidate information in a consistent fashion to provide an overall rating on talent, effort history and fit to sales
  • Identifies self-managers likely to develop into leaders
  • Provides information for candidate/manager matching

The MPPScreen2.0™ report consists of six pages:

  • Table of Contents
  • Recommendation/Background – stoplight and demographic information
  • Candidate Snapshot – summary of scales
  • Performance Factors – explanation of character traits
  • Communication Factors – explanation of communication style scales
  • Attitudinal Factors – explanation of attitudinal scales
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