Executive Leader POP™

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The Executive LeaderPOP™ is a selection and coaching tool targeted for candidates at C-Level and above. This POP™ is specifically designed to help organisations select and develop leadership potential and includes sections on Strategy, Change, Talent Commitment and much more. It assesses the key personality traits, attitudes and leadership competencies associated with high potential leaders.

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The ExecutiveLeaderPOP™ is a personality assessment tool that integrates science and objectivity into the recruitment, selection and development of senior leaders across a variety of industries. Not only can this validated psychometric assessment tool aid in the selection and succession of organisational leaders, it can be used in conjunction with other VG assessment tools to help leaders better understand how to work with and effectively manage other people.

The ExecutiveLeaderPOP™ assesses self-management potential, motivational structure, organisational fit, comfort with conflict, ability to empathise and support others, leadership style, communication style, consistency in keeping commitments, honesty and transparency in professional settings, level of self-confidence and personal accountability, along with many other key factors essential to success in leadership positions.

The ExecutiveLeaderPOP™ can be used for:

  • Selecting candidates for senior management or executive roles
  • Analysing the make-up of various management and executive teams
  • Assessing leadership potential to develop a succession plan, based on a benchmark of current qualified leaders; and
  • Coaching and developing existing and future leaders.

The ExecutiveLeaderPOP™ provides valuable insight into:

  • Individual needs and development opportunities
  • Assessing candidates’ probability for success in leadership
  • Matching individual assessments to organisational culture
  • Improving retention and growth; and
  • Improving performance and results.
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