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The ProfessionalPOP™ is designed to help select and retain all types of professionals, targeted at predicting high-level performance whether they consult with individuals or provide enterprise solutions.  It is an excellent component to a selection process and a succession planning system, providing detailed feedback for an individual’s selection, coaching, personal growth, and fit into projects and teams.

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The ProfessionalPOP™ assesses self-management potential, motivational structure, organisational fit, people orientation, leadership style, learning needs, communications style, confidence, lifestyle management, approach to listening, emotional intelligence and many other key factors that are common traits in successful individual in the very diverse world of consulting.

The ProfessionalPOP™ is designed for:

  • Selecting candidates who would be suited for a senior non-management, consulting or professional services careers
  • Enhancing the development process of senior non-managers and consultants
  • Analysing consulting and project teams
  • Assessing potential to become team leaders or managers
  • Coaching and developing existing and future consultants

The ProfessionalPOP™ provides valuable insight into:

  • Individual needs assessment
  • The right selection decisions
  • Matching individual profiles to organisational culture
  • Improving retention and growth
  • Improving bottom line results

The ProfessionalPOP™ can be part of the selection process. It will help identify the best candidates for specific senior roles and cultures and provide coaching and development guidelines. It is validated and meets ADA, EEOC and EEC and EU guidelines.

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