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About the Institute

Validity Institute was established as a corporate educational entity to assist our client organisations in achieving their goals by participating in unique learning activities that foster individual, team and hence organisational learning, knowledge and growth.


Your effort and involvement in our programmes are monitored and metrics are applied to each attendee.  We have no hesitation in “Passing” those who have demonstrated real learning and, similarly, “Failing” those who have not.  A Certification from the Validity Institute is earned by work and demonstration of understanding, not by mere attendance.

What We Deliver

The Institute provides job and company specific training and development for managers and leaders.  We offer a blended curriculum of workshops and development programmes, which can be delivered during the work day or at varying times to suit your business requirements.

Return on Investment

Companies rightly demand a return on their investment.  There must be concrete evidence that the programme is delivering you business results.  The Institute delivers those results and provides you hands-on and team learning as a more effective alternative to lecture-based courses, ensuring that what is learned in the classroom should be, and is, directly applied to the work environment.

Academic Team

Our academic membership typically comprises individuals who are distinguished in their relevant field and selected for their business acumen and real life experience in the business environment.  You can be assured that our personnel establish credibility with your people by translating REAL business situations with REAL business solutions and not just theory.


Validity Institute’s curriculum is carefully crafted and organised.  We deliver three different types of courses: business-specific programmes, organisational learning and communication programmes, and management and executive programmes.  What your company decides to offer will depend on our discussions with you.

Business Benefits
  • Become an employer of choice and attract the right talent
  • The right employee investment significantly reduces flight risk
  • Remain competitive in today’s economy
  • Maximise your return on investment in education and training
  • Improve your decision making and performance capabilities
  • Increase employee engagement by bringing a common culture, loyalty, and sense of belonging to your company
  • Experiential learning for your leaders in real business situations and environments
  • Enhance the performance of your people and your business

High Impact Workshops for Business Professionals

Business Acumen

After completing this fast paced program, participants are able to demonstrate their knowledge and capacity to apply themselves successfully to all the challenges that business throws at them.

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Business Impact

Getting your Strategic Vision right is critical to your success. This two-day workshop is delivered by a notable international expert and leading author in this field.

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Coaching Leader

There are strong business benefits to which a CLP can contribute. By successfully completing CLP, participants are awarded an Accredited Certificate in Continuing Professional Development as a Coaching Leader.

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Competitive Intelligence

Business success requires the right information and facts. This one-day workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to professionals who are new to Competitive Intelligence (CI).

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HR Business Acumen

This “exciting”, “powerful”, “must attend”, hands on workshop is designed specifically for all senior HR Professionals responsible for developing real strategies, solutions and tactics.

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Participants discover how DiSC® styles affect their workplace relationships and have the opportunity to explore the priorities that drive them at work.

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Far more thorough from start to finish than I have experienced before. Very relevant for my particular work and department.

AttendeeCompetititve Intelligence

A very relevant solution, logically presented and highly impactful. I would highly recommend to others.

AttendeeBusiness Cognizance

The use of case studies was very effective in getting us to understand the concepts and also apply it to real life situations.

AttendeeHR Talent Olympiad

This is an excellent programme! I have never seen the enthusiasm and dynamism of my senior leaders as I've seen it here. There was a lot of good direction. Kudos to Validity for bringing an excellent and very experienced presenter.

AttendeeBusiness Cognizance

I now know I have been wasting too much time concentrating on the wrong part of the business. Great eye opener.

AttendeeStrategic Visioning

I personally love Professor Babette’s way of delivering her sessions. She makes “complicated” rocket science seem easy and effortless for us to do. Simply excellent! It was a pleasure attending this programme.

AttendeeStrategic Visioning

I wish I had been on this programme 10 years ago as the skills I am learning are helping me so much to become a more effective leader with my team. I am listening to my people in a completely different way and am finding that each member of my team has skills that I wasn’t aware of.

AttendeeCoaching Leader Programme

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