Any succession plan involves two people.  Supporting both during this period is vital for true success.  Whether stepping up or onwards, how you cope with the change dictates your success.

In any number of companies there are, or there should be, discussions around succession planning.  Motivated by growth, expansion and career, succession planning is an integral part of growth.  Supporting that process and the individuals involved, Validity has the expertise and the programs that are applied to the development of the candidate for the role, as well as for the current incumbent.

Developing a successor, either internal or external, with the support of Validity ensures that the development of the candidate is conducted in a neutral, non-political style, aligned with their successful transition.  We closely follow your brief, ensuring that the skill levels are attuned to the new role, as well as the required degree of business acumen and style.  Supporting them in moving into a new role with differing responsibilities and reporting requirements.  Validity solutions’ are designed to provide support for each applicant’s successful transfer into the new role.

Similarly, Validity is engaged to coach, mentor and support the incumbent as they look to move into new roles, new opportunities, new responsibilities and in some cases, into the next chapter of their career.

Succession planning, with the support of Validity, delivers a successful outcome for everybody.