Strategic Visioning

Every organisation needs to ensure that it is fully prepared for the demands and expectations of their future marketplace.  The basis for that preparation and planning is their Strategic Vision.

This two-day workshop is delivered by a notable international expert and leading author in this field.

Testing and validating your vision with an authority and leading author in this field is an exercise that many organisations understand as being one of the best investments they will ever make.

Of significant importance is the application of the facilitator’s proprietary Nine Forces model:

Who should attend this workshop:

The full membership of the Board, or the full membership of the Senior Leadership Team.

Key workshop outcomes:

  • Provide your organisation with absolute clarity on its vision.
  • This vision then forms the basis of the development of your strategies, objectives and action plans.
  • Positively impact and drive the entire organisation and its members.

Presented by Prof Babette Bensoussan, Senior Associate & Mentor with VALIDITY Group.

Author of:

  • Strategic & Competitive Analysis: Methods & Techniques for Analysing Business Competition
  • Analysis Without Paralysis: 12 Tools to Make Better Strategic Decisions
  • Business & Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New & Classic Methods
  • Mindshifting Snippets for Creative Thought
  • Staying Ahead of the Competition:  How Firms Really Manage Their Competitive Intelligence & Knowledge

Winner of:

SCIP Meritorious Award, the world’s most prestigious award in the field of Competitive Intelligence.  She was – and still remains – the first female and only Australian recipient of this prize.