Sales Workshops

Solutions that deliver you financial returns.

Customised specifically to your requirements, using the language of your industry, designed to deliver specific outcomes.  Our difference is not just the experience, the knowledge and the credibility; it’s our capacity and ability to get the behavioural change necessary to translate the knowledge.

In the development and growth of every sales organisation, the delivery of powerful workshops remains a key tool for success.  The combination of excellent materials and outstanding trainers/facilitators, who all bring solid successful sales experience, has always been one of the keys to the success of your sales organisation.

Now there is a whole lot more.

Validity delivers an expansive range of internationally successful and powerful workshops, delivered to over 20,000 sales executives in over 50 countries.  During these powerful and challenging workshops, your sales people work on their own live opportunities and accounts.  They are then supported beyond the training room with sales coaching, mentoring, consulting, and a wide variety of tools and cloud software solutions.

From the Validity in-house range of workshops:

  • Solution Selling
  • Pipeline/Funnel Management
  • Negotiating the Sale
  • Sales Leadership Development – a two part Diploma level course
  • Clarity®

From our partner SPI (Sales Performance International):

  • Opportunity Management
  • Account Management
  • Winning Early, Winning High (Consultative Selling Skills)
  • Coaching the Complex Sale
  • Coaching the Sales Force
  • Executive Demand Creation – Building Pipeline
  • Sales Messaging Playbooks

The increasingly competitive marketplace that your sales force faces every day presents many new and differing challenges.  Drawing on our considerable expertise, resources, proven materials and knowledge ensures that your sales organisation drives and delivers the success that your entire company demands.

In most companies, the sales organisation remains a major investment.  Talk to Validity about maximising the return on that significant investment.