Sales Professional

The sales organisation consumes a significant amount of your company’s budget.  Their success or failure has a direct and significant impact across your entire organisation.  Validity expands and transforms the skill base of your sales team to achieve its goals, targets and full potential through a range of workshops, systems, consulting, coaching and mentoring solutions to support sales professionals.

Developing and supporting the development of sales people to professional standards is not a negotiable.  No business can tolerate having untrained sales people represent them to customers.  Assisting the development of professionalism is not just about attending another training course, it’s about behavioural change armed with new tools and information.

Our solutions are specific to the development of skills and abilities of Account Managers, Sales Reps, Inside Sales Teams and every level of the sales organisation.  Our solutions are designed and developed for the success of your entire – or any part of – your sales team.  Organisations realise that they must continue to change and develop as their customers do, or lose.

The challenges of Opportunity Management and Account Management are as pertinent today as they have ever been.  However, the skills and expertise required to be successful need to be in step with business of today.  Validity supports the development of your entire sales organisation with our expansive range of offerings, each carefully tailored to your very specific needs.

Our expertise, knowledge and solutions have been developed over many years, across industries and across the region.  From delivering the fundamentals of sales, to analysing and delivering prescriptive solutions.  Validity has the depth and breadth of knowledge, expertise and solutions that work across the entire region.