Sales leaders don’t just happen, they are developed.  Validity delivers an extensive range of workshops, systems, consulting, coaching and mentoring solutions to support the development of sales leaders at every level.

Whether new to the role or experienced, there are times when the support of an external resource not only helps, but more importantly, delivers you success.  A sales leader’s role is a tough assignment, which can be made easier with our expertise.

Sales leaders require skills and abilities across a diverse range of subjects that include leadership, collaboration, reporting, negotiation and communication.  The ability to manage and control your Pipeline/Funnel accurately.  The capacity to develop Strategies and Tactics.  The Alignment of Sales Playbooks, Account Management, Territory Management, Channel Management and Opportunity Management. Processes, planning and forecasting.  Interviewing, selecting, and having difficult conversations.  Connecting and influencing across your business and across your client base and clearly understanding the concepts and the capacity to deliver Management and Leadership appropriately.

Validity provides you with every level of support and the solutions to develop all your sales leaders.  In a workshop environment, coaching and mentoring in supportive one-on-one engagements, consulting and supporting in the design or development of teams, and providing systems and support to deliver success.

Sales Leaders cannot afford to fail.  Organisations need them at their best, with the pinnacle of expertise.

Validity delivers with our expansive range of solutions, tailored for your specific needs.