Investment outcomes should be measured.

Structure, design and outcome.  Coaching is not a general or friendly chat; it has purpose, it has outcomes and it should have a design.  PROOF© is the structure and design that delivers on those outcomes.

With an enviable reputation for delivering results-focused professional business coaching and mentoring, Validity understands the need for measurement based programs that support your business objectives and the development of your people.

Validity delivers programs to ensure that every client, in every location, working with every one of our Associates, will have an experience that is based on a solid structure, via a robust system and process that delivers positive measurable outcomes.

Whilst every delivery is personalised, customised and localised to very specific needs, each engagement is founded on our solid and powerful structure of PROOF©.

Follow Up

PROOF© is how your organisation achieves its desired outcomes and goals.  It provides you with a structure that ensures each individual plan is designed specifically to drive towards a tangible outcome.  A destination point where personal enablement is achieved via a coaching journey that is not only planned, but can be measured and quantified.  The steps of that journey are PROOF©.

Validity believes any organisation, in considering any investment in coaching and mentoring, must look to quantify results.  Measurement must be based on programs that achieve tangible outcomes.

PROOF© provides the rigour that can be relied upon to deliver solid business outcomes.  Every time, everywhere, ever reliable.