A career must be planned.  Many people put a lot of effort into planning a holiday and yet put none into planning their career.  This is a non negotiable for everyone in todays environment.  If you don’t plan it, it won’t happen.  Just don’t do it alone.

In managing their careers and the challenges of ever changing markets, individual contributors across organisations can potentially face challenges and doubts that will – and do – impact upon the company, its people and clients.  Assisting individuals in gaining clarity of personal career goals, as well as handling the pressures of the modern day career, forms an integral part of the solutions offered by Validity.

Any negative impact upon the ability of an individual contributor can ripple across any organisation and can result in numerous and unintended consequences.  The appointment of one of our Associates signifies very clearly the importance in which the individual is held, provides the level of support and development required, and is undoubtedly seen as a solid investment in the internal talent progression of any company.

Organisations are facing the challenge of a shifting workforce and their associated costs.  Talent management, supported by Validity’s coaching and mentoring programs, is a vital part of the defense of your organisation and its place in the market.

Validity supports and provides for a team of talented individuals focused on their business and career growth within your organisation.  We develop their skills and abilities to make strong decisions, rather than being distracted and focusing their attention and abilities on identifying the next external career opportunity.

Validity supports individual contributors across your organisation at a multitude of levels, providing a secure and supportive environment for their personal growth and hence the growth of your organisation.