HR Talent Olympiad

This “exciting”, “powerful”, “must attend”, hands on workshop is designed specifically for all senior HR Professionals responsible for developing real strategies, solutions and tactics.

Every day, every business participates in the race for success.  Competition for market share, for resources, as well as the constant and never-ending need for change.

Senior HR Leaders face the daily challenges of demonstrating relevance and alignment to the ever-changing expectations and demands of the business, as well as the continual competition for talent and developing solutions and tactics for success.

HR’s ability to succeed and win in that competition can often be the difference between relevance or relegation.  Losing that competition can have compounding consequences for the business, as well as the members of the HR team.

To win, HR needs to really understand and appreciate the game.  You need to understand all the nuances, expectations, demands and intricacies and how HR can and should positively impact the results and outcomes for the business.

This very powerful two-day, fully involved workshop is customised specifically for this region and has received rave reviews from those who have attended previously.

Attendee Impressions:

  • “…. impactful takeaways”
  • “..forced people to take off their normal HR hats and look at the business issues from a new HR perspective”
  • “….second part of tough Board presentations was particularly good”
  • “ Learning definitely more effective in that tough environment”
  • “The use of case studies was very effective in getting us to understand the concepts and also apply it to real life situations”
  • “A lot of examples were used to help us understand better”
  • “Facilitator was very experienced and this came across very clearly”
  • “Like the case study”
  • “Anand is a great facilitator”
  • “….extra people on the Board and their different inputs was good”
  • “Case study was relevant and liked the localisation to our country”
  • “Participation from the teams was good”

This is not a workshop for those who want to sit and take notes for two days.  This is a highly experiential, active, involving, thinking workshop, engaging participants from the very first to the very last.

Designed and developed by an internationally leading and highly successful and experienced HR professional, it delivers new thinking and approaches within an experiential model for those HR professionals who understand that change is not negotiable.

During the workshop you will:

  • Examine the current business trends and the impacts for HR and talent.
  • Incorporate some of the key trends in developing your talent strategy and thinking on how you will compete for talent.
  • Gain insights into how the Board views the business and HR.
  • Investigate how to respond to some of the practical challenges HR faces in the current business environment.
  • Address real life dynamics and challenges in your talent strategy, development and implementation.
  • Address items such as talent shortage, cost of acquisition, sudden changes to business context and strategy etc.
  • Have the opportunity to work as part of a HR team on a case study designed to develop a robust talent strategy.
  • Consider the changing talent environment in a local context and how that may impact on the future.
  • Develop and present as a team to “the Board”, the members of whom are senior business leaders who will provide very solid and very real feedback.

You will be able to translate these learnings quickly and powerfully to your own business environment.

You can receive support when you return to your business. We want you to win the GOLD medal.

Presented and facilitated by Validity Group’s Executive Director, Dr Anand Shankaran FAHRI, FAIM, SHRP.  Anand provides and delivers his real world experience and depth of knowledge gained by working both Globally and Regionally in fast paced dynamic companies and industries.  He is an internationally sought after Facilitator and a Guest Speaker at numerous conferences and seminars and was one of the featured Guest Speakers at the 2013 Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Conference in Kuala Lumpur.