Every organisation is comprised of its people.  They are what sets you apart from your competition.  Realising their full potential with communication styles, key leadership behaviours are key elements in the success of your culture.

Validity uses a number of tools to assist clients in understanding behaviours and communications styles across organisations.  One of our most successful and widely used and accepted tools is Facet5, which is regarded as one of the most modern and advanced measures of personality available today.  Used by organisations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 supports human capital management for individuals, teams and organisations, consistently adding real value.

Available in over 30 languages and supported by leading edge technology, Facet5 is ideal for use by anyone who needs to understand human behaviour in a work context.

Facet5 provides a model and a language to explain how people differ in their behaviour, motivation and attitudes, and more importantly, what to do about it.  Designed with business in mind, Facet5 was developed in response to client demand for speedy, practical information to assist with decision making at each stage of an employees’ journey through an organisation.  Facet5 is jargon-free and is web-based for easy access all over the world.  A wide range of country and industry norm groups makes meaningful comparisons simple.

We are delighted to offer this outstanding solution for our clients.  Whether in selection, organisational structural context, personal development, 360’s, and teaming programs, Facet5 adds significant depth and value for any organisation.