Decision Making & Influencing

The increasing complexity of business does not need to be stressed further.  We all know those pressures and we all know that they will only continue to grow.  What does need to be stressed is how we make decisions and influence others.  Our own thinking may sometimes not help us:

  • 40% of hiring decisions are proven to be wrong;
  • A study of 2,207 business decisions showed that 60% of executives consider bad decisions as common as good ones;
  • Over 80% of mergers and acquisitions do not deliver value to shareholders;

Understanding how we think, and how that impacts both our decisions and our capacity to influence others, is the focus of this 90-minute workshop.  The outcomes may provide you some answers to impact immediately on your business.

In a world of increasing business complexity, conditions and the growing pace of change, the overwhelming majority of business leaders and managers are locked into a cycle of trying to complete their daily task lists and deliver on ever increasing demands.  How we think has a direct bearing on our outputs and outcomes.  If we understand more about our thinking, we can make substantial improvements on our outcomes.

If you have:

  • Witnessed decisions that appear to lack logic;
  • Seen emotional responses at play;
  • Witnessed avoidance in making decisions;
  • Been puzzled that what you have said has been misinterpreted;
  • Struggled to influence or convince others of your position;

then these 90 minutes will provide you that clarity.

The roller coaster of repetition is not sustainable, you need to get off. It is limiting the business and it is certainly limiting you, if not exhausting you.

The investment of 90 minutes from your schedule is designed to help you and your team make that change, and is based on the very latest research on Thinking and Neuroscience available today.  It provides participants with a distinct edge over their competitors.

This 90-minute workshop will provide participants with:

  • An understanding of how we, our colleagues and our clients think;
  • How we process information;
  • How we can positively influence others;
  • How we can make better decisions;
  • How we can avoid a lot of mistakes;
  • How we can organise our days to optimise our efficiency and well-being;
  • How we can better project our leadership skills to have others more willingly follow us.

This is a very practical workshop, where each participant is encouraged to bring along their own examples.

Even from just one key takeaway, you can make a change that positively impacts you and the entire organisation.